May 29

You, Yourself and Communication Issues

Good communication is the key to everything, don’t you agree? Yet sometimes, we become blind to notice that not everything is right in our communication with someone. This is when, to preserve that relationship, we must work on our issues and resolve them in order to avoid complications further along the line. So how do we approach the situation, pinpoint the problem and determine the best course of action?

First, we must understand that we are social beings and that communication is an important part of our everyday lives. Without the ability to speak up, express, and exchange ideas and thoughts, we wouldn’t be able to evolve at such a fast rate as we did. Furthermore, a proper communication contributes to maintaining our well-being and mental hygiene. Therefore, it affects our mind and body as well.

Here is a complete guide on how to correct these everyday errors in communication and restore the connection you had with your partner, business associate or whomever you have difficulty understanding.  

Retrace your steps

The first thing that you should do in order to correct the problem is to retrace your steps. You cannot reflect on the situation without observing the whole timetable of actions that led to the tight fit you’re in. It is crucial for resolving your communicational issues, so it’s best to take it seriously. Examine the situation you’re experiencing and objectively evaluate some of the actions that caused the problem or are still causing it. Try to address the problem as if you’re a third party, an observer of the whole situation. This will allow you to get another perspective, if your own seems to be inefficient at delivering the solution. So, ask yourself – am I doing something wrong? If so, continue with another question, where am I making a mistake and what’s causing it? When you get to the part that determines why the problem appeared in the first place, you’ll know that you’re on the right track to resolve these communication issues once and for all.

Determine the most adequate course of action

Knowing what causes the problem alone doesn’t help much with the whole process of correcting the issue. However, it is the first step among many, each of which will exponentially bring you closer to properly communicating with someone. As the situation progresses, it’s crucial to determine the best course of action and start working on it as soon as possible. So, how do you approach the problem?

Sometimes the problem is in the lack of focus when receiving the information. In other scenarios, the problem happens when the subject starts to interpret the information and forms a different idea from the one that’s presented. If you are facing one of these or similar situations, some of the best ways to overcome such communication issues would be to check out online therapy services, try meditation or read a book or two about the effects of communication on our well-being. This will give you a new perspective on the problem at hand, and hopefully, you’ll be able to work on your communication problems before they can cause serious damage to your social, business, love life or your health. These methods of treating the issue are becoming more popular each day, as they have proved to be very efficient and are generally considered as dependable methods. The professionals that are conducting these therapy sessions online are well trained and guarantee their results.

Define your expectations

Another thing that might be causing your communicational issues is that you’re expecting too much from a situation. No matter how well you present your idea and how carefully you’re listening, if your expectations on the outcome of your words and deeds are unrealistic, you might feel disappointed when things don’t end up the way you wanted. But don’t let this discourage you. Simply redefine your expectation and set a goal that’s a bit more realistic to achieve. This way, you’ll feel as if rewarded appropriately when things actually do turn the way you’ve imagined them. It will motivate you to continue using this technique to get the outcome you’re expecting. Lowering the bar might indeed prove to be the perfect solution in this particular scenario. Try experimenting and finding the balance between what you want to achieve and what’s realistic.


Spending time alone

Proper communication can be a rather time-consuming process and requires a substantial amount of energy to do it correctly. The success of everyone involved is defined by their skill to present ideas and express thoughts but also by their capability to understand thoughts and ideas of others.
How well you interpret your own and thoughts of those around you shows who you truly are as a person. But before you can do that, you’ll need to understand yourself and your own subconscious thoughts. Spending time alone and having enough private time to recharge your batteries for a full day of interaction is extremely important. With so many individuals we communicate with on a daily basis, our mind can sometimes become overburdened by the sheer amount of information received. So make sure that you give yourself enough free time so that you can reflect on what happened yesterday or the day before that.


Once you master the skill of proper communication, you’ll have no problems whatsoever handling situations that were challenging before. You’ll rewire your brain to easily find arguments that support your facts, find interesting topics to talk about, and generally find it much easier to connect with people around you.

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