Apr 26

You Should Be First on Your Priority List

Perhaps you have begun wondering how to break the seemingly endless cycle of waking up into the same day over and over. A day where it feels like you are in a hundred places at once, doing a million things, for everyone but yourself. Grumpy, exhausted, and uninspired, you go to bed, only to wake up feeling the same. The chaos around you made you put yourself way down on your list of priorities, so clearly it’s time you reminded yourself how to change that.

Enjoy your friends’ company

You can start by spending more time with your friends. We are social beings, and we need company. The busy modern lifestyle is known to be a real danger to our nerves, so fun social occasions are often a great exhaust system for all the stress that piles up during the day. Allow yourself to let go a bit, and experience the support and love of those who truly care for you.

Do more of what gives you joy

Rediscover your hobbies, whether they include dancing, jogging, painting, singing, cooking, sculpting… Engagement in a hobby brings with it a certain fulfillment that few other things can achieve. It speaks to our truest self and has a deeply healing and soothing effect on us. Set aside at least 15 minutes a day for a special activity that will help you be more satisfied with the way you treat yourself.

Pay more attention to your health

With all the obligations and responsibilities that we carry on our shoulders, we easily forget about the harm we do to our bodies. Even when we do realize that something is not right or that we aren’t well, we don’t see it as a sufficiently important matter. We are too lazy to dedicate hours of our lives to make a doctor’s appointment, drag ourselves to the office, wait for who knows how long to be examined, or do anything else that goes along with it.

For these reasons, in Australia for example, it is common practice for people to call upon a home doctor. This option is much more convenient, especially for persons with hectic schedules, as it saves them time, and they can be examined in the comfort of their home. Such services are available in America as well, where every day, more and more people choose their own doctor, as is highly recommendable.  

Reduce the amount of stress you experience

As tempting as it may be, teach yourself to refrain from stressing out over the things that are going the wrong way or are simply not that important. Instead, take a different approach—focus on how those things could be improved, or whether they deserve your attention at all. Little by little, it will start feeling like a great burden is lifted off you.

Learn to say “no”

Think about how many times a day different people ask you to do something for them or to take care of their responsibilities. Naturally, sometimes they really need your help, but on numerous other occasions, those requests are there simply because the person in question does not want to deal with an issue on their own and is looking for an easy way out. Remind them and yourself that your time too is highly valuable, and learn to offer your assistance only when it is truly needed.  


On top of everything else—be determined and persistent in your endeavors so you don’t fall prey to your old ways. Remain your own friend.

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