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Antonela the creator of these beautiful pieces is a dreamer and the personification of an entrepreneur. She was born in Argentina, but has lived in Barcelona for 20 years.After searching on the internet for turbans without success, she decided to create her own. So she bought some fabrics on the streets of Barcelona and started creating her designs.Photo : @ElinanomadAfter some months of starting her turban production, Antonela went to her first solo trip to the Philippines. She fell in love with the island and decided to start a brand which could connect her to Siargao. The name Silo came quickly to her mind. Silo means ‘connection’, through a knot or joint. Those simple letters evoked exactly how she felt about Siargao.Eight months later, she started selling her designs in the main shops of the island.Silo turbans are colorful…their subtle and light design convey freedom. You just feel feel unique and independent.Photo by ©ElinanomadEvery Silo piece is unique. The patterns and fabric of these beautiful turbans make them super comfy for the European winter as well.Antonela’s goal in 2018 is to stay at Siargao for a long season. So maybe, you can meet her there and enjoy some good waves as well.Check Antonela’s Instagram @my.silo and discover the originality of her designs.When you buy a Silo, you get a piece of power and beauty.Follow trawave for more adventures and trends on Facebook and InstagramMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenShare this

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