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Why you should spend your Weekend in Yoga Retreats?

Do not have time for yoga teacher training because of hectic work schedule? No problem, spend your weekend in a yoga retreat. The following article will discuss how yoga retreat will be helpful to you during the weekends.


A yoga retreat may act as a replacement for the working class who can’t afford a month long break for yoga teacher training. Just like any other yoga course you have to follow a certain schedule, you will practice yoga and will learn new things about it. An important aspect of a yoga retreat and the reason it is most suitable for working people is that one gets to choose the duration of the yoga retreat. You may plan your yoga retreat and combine it with activities such as surfing, sky diving, paragliding, deep sea diving, trekking, etc. You may also choose yoga retreat on the basis of places you want to visit such as yoga retreat in Thailand for its beaches and Thai massages, a yoga retreat in India for spiritual guidance, etc.

It isn’t necessary that it must have duration of at least a week. You may plan your yoga retreat even in the weekends. Obviously, the more time you spend the more relaxed you will be but yoga retreat for a weekend will also yield the following benefits:

         Acts as a breather: With a busy lifestyle, it is difficult to find time for yourself. Here, yoga retreat plays the role of a breather. It works as a speed breaker in order to halt the speed of life and brings you mental peace, relaxes your mind, body, and soul and rejuvenates you to the core.

         Withdraws you from digitalized life: The life of humans is surrounded by the digital world; be it cell phones, social media, televisions etc. These digital equipments restrict the thinking perspective of humans and hamper their intelligence. Whereas, yoga retreat allows you to withdraw you from this digital world and provides you visions for creativity.

         Helps you bond with nature: In fast-paced cities, one hardly gets time to sit and admire the beauty of nature; but during a yoga retreat you have the leverage to get lost in the beauty of nature admiring the scenic views or even watching the sunrise or sunset. It brings calmness to the brain and allows the brain to analyze things from a different perspective.

         Deepens the yoga practice: Obviously, you will get to enhance your yoga training. You may try to practice new poses and asanas that you may find difficult to attempt. You may have one to one sessions with your yoga instructor to assist you in your personal practice.

         De-stresses your life: Yoga retreat de-stresses your life as it takes your mind off the work, home, everything and allows you to enjoy the present moment. They also offer Ayurveda de-stress therapies, outdoor activities or sightseeing in order to increase the presence of good hormones in the body to de-stress.

         Allows meditation: A meditation session on a yoga retreat allows you to self-analyze things, changes your perspective towards others, helps you connect with the serenity of the environment etc.

         Scratches out negativity: Practicing yoga, trying various outdoor activities, meditation; all these scratches out negativity from the mind. It makes you feel refreshed, relaxed and free from anxiety and helps you balance out the situations.

         Makes you more productive: With positivity flowing into the mind and newer thought process, enhance your productivity at work or at home. This eventually increases your confidence and boosts energy levels.

These are just some of the benefits of a weekend yoga retreat. You must take into account that you are open to choose the destination as per your choice. For example yoga retreat in Tibet to explore Tibetan culture, a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai  and yoga retreat in Chiang Rai for practicing yoga in amidst of valleys and mountains, yoga retreat in Thailand for surfing, etc.

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