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Why you should go for Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training is an essential part of practicing yoga that many may not realize. People often misjudge it as a course meant only for those who are interested in teaching yoga. Of course, this course educates you about how to teach or manage a class, prepare yourself as a teacher etc. but all this can be used as additional teaching. But, the agenda behind a course which is to focus on learning yoga is never forgotten.

Whether you go for yoga teacher training in India or yoga teacher training in Thailand, Nepal etc. the course acts as a flight of steps that actually helps you deepen your knowledge of yoga, makes you aware of your mind, body and soul enhances your physical and mental strength etc. There are myriad of benefits that will be unveiled in this article that will make you plan for your Yoga teacher training:

        Exposes you to the components other than practicing yoga: A regular yoga session is all about practicing yoga poses that your yoga instructor teaches. They may brief you about the pose but you won’t remember it for long. Whereas, during yoga teacher training you are educated about the pose and its other components as well. These may include physiology, its benefits, modifications, precautions etc. Hence, it helps you in learning yoga through a better perspective.

        Reinforces you physically and mentally: Working on yourself physically is easy as compared to mental workout. Apart from yoga, there is no such workout that helps you reinforce your physical and mental health altogether. It develops coordination between mind and body, prepares it for upcoming challenges. Also, it makes the body fully aware of itself.

        Builds your core of yoga: When you are learning about yoga that doesn’t mean just the poses or asanas or pranayama. It means learning about yoga from its roots i.e. the philosophy of yoga. The philosophical learning of yoga helps you in building core, deepens your belief in yoga and make you feel confident about self.

        Intensifies your personal practice: Your yoga teacher training course will help you intensify your personal practice. During the training, you will be practicing yoga most of the time either in a group or personally. This personal practice of yoga will help you perform all those yoga poses that were difficult for you previously. This is because you have access to the assistance of your yoga teacher. The tips or suggestions from your teacher will help you improve.

        Expand your social circle: Be it yoga teacher training in Thailand or India, Nepal or from anywhere else; students from all the countries are welcomed. This sort of diversity during the training course helps you expand your social circle. It offers you a platform to connect with people from various cultures, understand their perspective and respect the differences etc. Eventually, it helps you in making bonds that may last forever.

        Acts as a breather: Undoubtedly, it is difficult to catch up with the fast-paced corporate or office life these days. The humongous pressure building up in your head affects your physical, physiological and psychological health. In order to be relieved from these issues, Yoga teacher training acts as a much-needed breather. You get to spend time with yourself, enlighten the spirituality, refresh your mind as well as your body for better productivity etc. Moreover, it brings alignment in the functioning of the mind, body, and soul

Although these are a few benefits but experiencing Yoga teacher training will help you attain much more than what is mentioned in this article

For authentic and genuine yoga teacher training you may choose India. If it isn’t feasible for you to travel this far, you may choose yoga teacher training in Thailand; because Buddhism also has its lineage in Thailand which makes it equally worthy as any other place. You can also plan Yoga Yoga holidays in Thailand.

If you are not a beach person, you can choose yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai. Since it is towards the northern part, it is ringed with mountains, waterfalls, scenic views etc. you will feel an instant connection with nature.

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