Aug 30

Why You Should Embrace Yourself Not Change Yourself

We are used to hearing how change is good and that we need it in order to better ourselves. Stagnation is often referred to as a negative state, just like a comfort zone is a nice place, but a one where nothing grows. However, as it is with most things in life, this point of view is neither black nor white, but mostly somewhere in between. If you force upon yourself the need to constantly grow, then when are you going to be able to turn around and see how much you have accomplished? In order to be truly satisfied with oneself, one must take a break from the constant uprising and enjoy a view from the top, and here are some reasons why that is like that. 

People love you for you

Popular culture teaches us that very few people will love us for what we are, and that these people can only be our parents or significant others. The truth couldn’t be any further from that. Not one person in the world is the same as the other, and these differences are what make the world a wonderful place to live in. We are hurling towards an even more inclusive world that embraces individuality, uniqueness and diversity, and there’s never been a better time to live and feel good about who you are. People don’t love you for what you might become. They love you for who you are now. Remember that because once you change too much, they might just love for the person you have once been.

Self-satisfaction leads to self-respect

It’s a popular view on well-being that self-respect is necessary to feel better about oneself. However, people don’t bother explaining much about how you can achieve self-respect. It’s not something that you just wake up to with a life-changing epiphany, but rather a cumulative feeling related to self-satisfaction. As mentioned above, you can’t be satisfied without taking a rest from time to time to just feel good about yourself and your previous accomplishments. Without this feeling of self-satisfaction, achieving self-respect will be a much harder quest. 

Your body is your temple 

Modern industries make us feel insecure about our bodies each and every day for commercial purposes. The fact is that less than 5 percent of women actually meet these rigorous body standards, and they will make you feel bad if you’re not among them. Embracing your body and loving each of its natural curves is what your optimal goal should be, rather than getting closer to the impossible 5 percent. Luckily, today you have a lot of inclusive brands that are aware of this problem and provide you with adequate clothes that fit bodies all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be embarrassed about your beach body when you put on fabulous plus size swimwear that makes you look like a Greek goddess. Now that you know you look like a goddess, you might as well start acting like one.

Perfection is a myth 

We are led to believe that we should all strive for being perfect in everything we do, as well as perfecting our looks. Take this moment to ask yourself this: what is perfect? The images that come to mind are probably glamorous magazine models and suited-up business people with an impeccable smile. Whenever in doubt, just remind yourself that perfection is nothing but an illusion created by the media propaganda to brainwash you into thinking less of yourself, and all this in order to forcedly advertize their products which presumably make you more perfect. 


The sooner you see this clearer, the easier you will come to terms with loving yourself and embracing all your imperfections. Being imperfect doesn’t mean being less worthy – it means being special and unique, which is the greatest you can be. 

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