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When I decided that I was going to blog about my travel adventures and places I hope to go, I knew the first place I just had to talk about. London, England. London was my first true International trip. I had gone on a cruise in the 7th grade that stopped at Cozumel, Mexico for like 10 hours, so I don’t really count that. However, in May 2016, I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in London as part of a class. It was honestly the perfect trip for my first international adventure. I was with a group of people, many of which had been abroad before, and there was not a language barrier to have to adjust to as well. On top of that it was a true win-win as I got to travel the world, but got college credit for it while I was away. Let me just tell you how London was able to catch my heart so quickly.The history. If you’re any bit of a history nerd like me then you’ll love London. Almost every corner you turned there was another piece of history you have always learned about, but now you get to experience first-hand. The coolest thing about London’s history was the fact that it ranged from how long ago it was. We could go from being in the Tower of London which dates back to 1078 to standing in replicas of war rooms of Winston Churchill during WWII to streets that were the inspiration of J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter. Where else in the world can you experience a Shakespeare play like they would have when they were originally running? There is no shortage of history in London, so when you go be sure to take it all in. You’ll regret it if not! Shakespeare’s GlobeChurchill War RoomsTower of London The people. I don’t think I met one unfriendly person during my stay. Everyone was super friendly and just made the experience even better. If such a busy city like London, I figured there would be a few situations, but there was nothing but great times. The beauty of the city. I am not one to look at a building and take appreciation of the buildings, but London is different. I mean the intricate detail, especially those of the churches is unmatched. I could go on and on about how mesmerized I was and still am at the allure of London. The modern appeal. I know, I know, but Lauren you just went on and on about the history. Exactly, they are both true! I don’t know if there are many places in the world where you can go from a very modern skyscraper to one of the most historic sites in less than a mile. I honestly think that was probably one of the coolest things that stood out about London. Harry Potter. I mean enough said, right? If you’re a potterhead, you have to go to London. You can experience the real Platform 9 ¾, on top of many tours you can have the chance to see London and get information about the books. How can you not love that?! St. Paul’s Cathedral. Don’t get me wrong, all of the historic buildings, especially churches were beautiful. However, the place of famous Prince Charles and Diana wedding, stands out for one main reason, the view. You will have to work for this view, 280 feet (528 steps) to be exact. While this sounds brutal and it was, it was 110% worth it for the sights you will see. This is a MUST for anyone traveling to London, you will never regret it. After the 528 steps, but was totally worth it! Pictures could not do it justice!The food. Fish and chips and bangers and mash. That is all I need to say, carry on. I know this is cheesy, but my first trip to London opened my eyes and my heart to new world cultures and traveling. My love for traveling would be nothing without the experience I had in London. It changed my path in life, and I will always have a special love for the city. As I continue to travel, I know I will come across many great places, but London will always be my first. It is like that teddy bear or blanket you still love after 20 something years because you got it as a child. This was my first trip abroad, so it will always be one of my favorite trips. I learned and grew as a person. Plus, I got to do so much cool stuff like go to Abbey Road, see the Crown jewels, take a train to experience the town of Windsor and see the castle which was GORGEOUS, take two walking tours (Harry Potter and Jack the Ripper), and so much more I could go on for ages. In summary, if you ever question going to London, my advice: GO!

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