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What You Need to Know When You Start Yoga Exercises?

Yoga is an age old practice devised by the ancient yogis as a means to reach the spiritual realm of existence. The ancient yogis came up with a way to unite the prowess of the mind and the body to reach a state of enlightenment. This was a means for them to dig deep into the psyche to reach a realm of existence that was way beyond any kind of human behavior, human personality, intellect and attachments.

In the 21st century, yoga has become a source of balance and calm in the lives of many people. It has brought a rejuvenated vibe, a fresh perspective to life and a happy and healthy balance to people’s lives.

The concept of yoga holidays has been accommodated in many countries that were famous for their tourism such as Nepal. Now, one can very easily learn yoga in Nepal. The yoga holidays in Nepal offer some of the best packages to yoga enthusiasts from all over the world.

Yoga has been a driving force of goodness that was much needed to end the woes of many people around the world. There has been a registered growth in numbers joining the world yoga alliance.

But there still are a lot of people who have been away from the holistic goodness that yoga can bring to their lives. If you are a new yoga enthusiast, there may be a lot of inhibitions within you concerning your fitness standards. But fret not here are a few tips that you may want to know before you start on your yogic journey:

1.      Age no bar:

Yoga is one splendid way of exercising your body, because unlike gym and other forms of exercise that need you to be of a certain age weight and height, yoga is a holistic healing practice that tends to persons of all ages and groups. So whether you are 19 or 99, there is a part of yoga for you to practice and work out those muscles to their best form.

2.      Fitness no bar:

You may think that yoga requires you to be fit and fine. Again don’t be mistaken, as fitness in today’s date is painted according to European standards same as beauty. But the practice of yoga will help you get to the fittest form that you and your body type may achieve in a natural framework. You may be extremely obese or extremely skinny, but yoga works intrinsically on organs and hormones to heal them and bring you to a fully functioning body.

3.      No equipments are needed:

Yoga does not require a lot of equipments and props to perform. You may only need a soft base on the ground and your muscle power that you will work on from the within to achieve that fitness. No more treadmills, rollers, dumbbells or external force to shape your body. Rather you will find strength from the within that will shape your external body.

4.      There are many kinds and styles of yoga to choose from:

This is true; yoga has many styles that involve different kinds of movements and asanas. You are free to choose from what suits your body best. A few popular kinds of yoga are Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar and Viniyoga. All these forms of yoga are different but work integrally to make positive effects on your body. As a beginner what is suggestible is that one could read and research about the kinds of yoga there are and their movement, and choose what could work well for them. Then after a few sessions of the chosen style of yoga; decide whether they would like to stick to it or try another form of yoga.

5.      All the yoga schools are not reputable:

The worst that could happen to a beginner yoga enthusiast is learning from an amateur teacher who cannot identify the mistakes made in asanas. Mistakes can be critical as they could very easily lead to a ligament tear, or a muscle injury. To start yoga, you must make a wise choice at choosing a school to learn from. A tip would be to interact with the graduates of that school and research the information about teachers who teach at that school or centre.

Learning yoga is the best change one can ask for in their stagnant lives and to experience these positive changes one must be willing to take a first step, good luck with yours! Fitness Retreat in Nepal

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