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What to Keep in Mind while Planning for Hiking a Destination?

Trekking and hiking are activities that are rapidly gaining popularity and a loyal fandom. Along with other kinds of activities that people do for adventurous experiences, trekking is becoming a major choice for many adventure seekers.

If you are a trekking enthusiast you will surely connect with the revitalising, rejuvenating and calming experience that you get when you scale the summit of your trekking trail. Trekking is an activity that is quite similar to yoga, in ways of results, affects on the body and the mind and the feelings and emotions that you experience when you explore new things and places that you had no idea about earlier.

Trekking is inherent to human nature as that was the only means of transport and travel in times when our forefathers were nothing more than nomadic herds and tribes wandering about the earth, searching for the best destination for a homeland.

The Himalayan mountain range is the largest standing mountain range in the entire world and hosts some of the tallest mountains in the world including the tallest mountain in the world, the Mount Everest. The Himalayas have been a muse and a source of inspiration to many people. We have witnessed her mightiness and experienced sublimation in many faces of her mountains. We have witnessed her in music, stories, poems, paintings, cinema and other artistic creations.

About 70% of her mightiness is hosted by the country of Nepal, 20% by India and the rest 10% by Bhutan. These 3 countries together host the mighty Himalayan mountain range. Nepal trekking tours offer numerous trails ranging in different difficulty levels for all kinds of trekking enthusiasts. Two of the famous trails that Nepal offers are the Manaslu trekking tours and the Annapurna base camp trekking. If you are a trekking enthusiast who is looking for their next trekking trail, there you have a suggestion for exploring the Himalayas.

But what are the things that one must keep in mind while planning a hiking trip to a great destination?

1.       Yourself:

Even though physical fitness is not a major component for undergoing a hiking expedition; it does affect things like the distance of the trail that you will scale and the difficulty level of the trekking trail. Your physical condition plays a role in deciding how far you can push yourself on a hike. If you have a good experience in trekking and you want to go for challenging expeditions, it’s no use choosing a trail that will end within 3-4 days. Similarly if you have no idea about the techniques of trekking and the challenges you will face, it’s safer to choose trails that are shorter and at an easier stage of difficulty levels. 

2.       Training your body and mind :

If you are planning on the trekking expedition, it is highly suggestible that you start training your body and mind to walk an extra mile way before the expedition starts. Walk to that grocery store; walk as much as you can. Inducing walking in your daily life, will train you to walk without being too frustrated about taking the next step when you are on the expedition. This will give you a much needed exercise and a lower body workout which will be very useful on the hike.

3.       The gears:

Now you may not have to carry a lot of gear on the expedition that you have in mind, but some of the essentials for any hiking trip should be a good investment. These essentials include:

·         A good pair of shoes: A good pair of shoes goes a long way to protect you feet and empower them to trek while maintaining a good shape.

·         Comfortable clothes: Clothes affect your movement and range of motion, so don’t wear obstructive garments like denims on your hike.

·         Water-proof clothes: Waterproof wind-cheaters and jackets come handy while trekking in monsoons and also in minimising the chilling effect in mountainous areas.

·         A sturdy rucksack: This rucksack will carry your home for the amount of days you are on an expedition. Check for a good quality and sturdiness in a rucksack. Make sure it comes with a rain-cover.

·         One or a pair of good trekking poles: These minimize the pressure you put on your knees while on a hike and are extremely handy for a lot of other things as you will discover.

Keeping in mind the above three things while planning a hiking expedition, will go a long way to ensure comfort and safety on the expedition.

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