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What Role Do Flowers Play in Relationship

Flowers always arouse in people the most varied senses. It is difficult to remain indifferent to its presence and its fragrance. As well as beautiful, they have the ability to express our senses and emotions. It is a language as beautiful as it is secret, which can only be revealed gradually and by sensitive people. Its meaning is vast both in colors and shapes, in drawings or in its multiple combinations of specie.

Sending flowers is a way of exercising love, self-love, love of neighbor, love of nature … 

Who coexists with the flowers perceives its power. It touches the intimate of the people it brings the energy of nature. 

The flower disables negative thoughts and gives life more charm. That is why it is important to decorate with flowers the places where we live.

They are present in all the most important events of our lives and their absence seems to make no sense. 

Imagine for example a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day without flowers. You coming home on your wedding anniversary, no flowers .it seems like something is missing, a feeling of emptiness. That special moment seems to have turned dark, bland.

The flowers enchant by its beauty, color and perfume. It looks like magic, but the flowers capture glances, brighten the day, arouse curiosity and celebrate the most different special dates. Flowers are much sought after and sought after by passionate couples, but the champion in the preference of romantic couples is often the rose, which has become a symbol of love.

Meaning of flowers

If you intend to gift your pair with a bouquet of roses, check below the meaning of the flower in different colors:

Yellow: friendship or platonic love

Blue: true love eternal, rare and strong

White: Reverence, Secret, Innocence, Purity and Peace

Champagne: admiration and sympathy

Rose: gratitude

Orange: enthusiasm and desire

Red: passion, love, respect and worship

Red with white: love, harmony and unity


The most fragrant flowers are very stimulating and can help to “warm up” the climate with the pair. The flowers considered aphrodisiac are: angelica, gardenia, camellia, peony, mango jasmine, orchid and iris. To enjoy your benefits, gift your pair with one of these options or use the flowers to grace the couple’s room.


the best flowers to activate the energy of love and romance in your home are the red roses without thorns, red tulips, angelica, cyclamen, hibiscus and jasmine. To have more passion in your relationship, choose to decorate your home with red carnations.

Tip: Spread many petals of red roses across the floor of the house from the entrance to the bedroom path and place some petals on the bed. If you have a bath, prepare a bath with white rose petals and a few drops of essential oils that stimulate the passion.

Dessert can be a cheesecake topped with jelly roses. Remember that both flowers and jelly must be organic. And after dinner, prepare a hibiscus or jasmine tea, to keep the love in the mood of the flowers: romantic and inspiring.

If you have lived for some time in this country, it is quite common to send flowers to Ireland to congratulate friends or family that you have left there to celebrate special occasions with them. Thanks to the FloraQueen home service, sending flowers to any city in Ireland is easier and easier than ever.

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