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What is a Solitaire Game?

                                     Free Online Solitaire 

Solitaire is a card game played by a single player. The Deck in solitaire can go up to 54 decks, sometimes

including Joker. The card layout in solitaire is called tableau. Some games can be quickly finished, and

some games take time to complete requiring a winning strategy. The player aims to reach a victory 

point in the game. Otherwise, he must reshuffle the deck then start again. You can play free online 

Solitaire on the internet. 

There are different types of solitaire games, which you can play, some of them are listed here. 


1. Klondike

2.Monte Carlo





Klondike –

Name after a region in Canada, where the gold rush exploded. Klondike is a viral solitaire game. It actually became popular when Microsoft windows begin to launching it in there Operatingtheirems. From there Klondike becomes popular.  The object in Klondike is to build four stacks of cards in ascending order, from ace to king. It needs to be one for each suit.  Klondike can be termed as the purest form of solitaire.  The player shuffles decks, and it had to be set as a face-down cards making up to seven piles of faces. The object to this game to create each suit for one collection until the entire deck is complete. 



You get to start the game with 25 cards, creating a 5*5 grid. You will need to remove a pair of cards when picking them. A card needs to pair with another card of the same number; it can be vertically,   or diagonally. When you are done with removing the cards with pair, click on the stockpile to fill the gaps. It will happen automatically. The rule regarding moving card is that the card on the right of a move will fill in the empty gap. The player has to keep removing a total of 52 cards until he becomes stuck in the game. The more matched you will make, the higher your score is going to be.  The game ends when there are no more cards to match. 



Spider solitaire is another popular form of solitaire. You get to play with a single suit or two suits or four suits. It’s like solving a puzzle with very few pieces. In spider solitaire, you can not win every game, but if you layout your strategy well, you can definitely increase your winning chances. 

In spider solitaire, always try to build a natural build of the suits. It can quickly move anywhere else, giving you a chance of revealing another relevant hidden card in the deck. The object to build sequentially from king to ace with to set two copies. 


Named after a Florida gaming establishment. Canfield is a tough game. It is a single-player game with a standard 52 card deck. The objective of Canfield is to build move all card onto four foundations. Start playing by shuffling the deck,taking ten cards aside for reserve. When you draw the next four cards, they become the basis for the entire game in different piles called tableau.  The game will be finished when you have out every card into a sequence based on a foundation. 


Golf Solitaire

In golf, the winning rule is the opposite of most of the mentioned above games. In golf, you try to earn a minimum number of points. The terminology is similar to a golf game. It has a standard 52 card deck, five cards with seven columns, each is dealt. The object of this game is to score zero.  


So, these are the four versions of free online solitaire games on the internet. There are many, but these four are the most popular. 

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