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Weekend Getaway: Sydney Edition

One of the most popular destinations you can go and spend a weekend at is Sydney. It is a good mix of fun, relaxing, sightseeing, and enjoying the city, so everyone can find something they like there. Since weekend getaways finish fast, you want to use your time the best way possible, which is why we are going to share some advice on the most important things.

Getting there 

Regardless of where you are flying from, your flight will probably end in Sydney, which is pretty convenient already. From the airport, it is important to have it all figured out because you don’t want to wander around with your luggage. You can book private airport transfers in Sydney even before your travel, so you are sure that a driver is going to be there, waiting to take you to your final destination whether it be a cruise ship, hotel, or any other accommodation. Private airport transfers will be the least stressful since you are traveling alone and depending on anyone else. Just make sure you do all the arrangements beforehand.

Finding accommodation 

Finding accommodation will turn out best if you do it before your trip. That way, you can save both time and money. We have some options for budget travelers or some more luxurious options since it is a weekend getaway, and you may want to splurge. Some of the 3-star hotels you can try that have the necessities like wi-fi, parking, air conditioning, and what is more important, located in Central Business District are Travelodge Sydney, Pensione Hotel, and Ibis Sydney World Square. For a more luxurious stay, Sheraton on the Park, Shangri-La, or Four Seasons are a perfect choice. Other options you can try are Airbnb or hostels for budget travelers who want a unique and local experience, and apartments as a more expensive and luxurious choice.

What to do in Sydney

A weekend is not enough to get to know Sydney and see everything that this city has to offer. However, we are going to suggest some of the fun things to do. Make your first day a bit calmer and slower since you are probably going to be tired from the flight. Use this day to relax with a coast walk and maybe a nice meal in a restaurant overlooking the water. Some of the most beautiful coastal walks, perfect to enjoy your first day there are Spit Bridge to Manly Walk, Federation Cliff, or Bondi to Coogee.

The rest of your time there you can spend sightseeing and soaking the culture and rich life of Sydney. Some of the things you don’t want to miss are Circular Quay where the two most famous landmarks are: Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. You can do a 1-hour tour of the Opera House, walk across the Harbor Bridge or visit the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Near the Circular Quay, a fun place to explore is the Rocks District where you can check out the markets, some of the oldest pubs, and visit the Rocks Discovery Museum to learn more about the history.

Your day two can be a relaxing beach day at the Bondi beach, where you can enjoy coastal walks, amazing lunches, and sunbathe for a while. Bondi Icebergs is one place where you can freshen up and have a bite. To experience the city skyline, you can catch a ferry and maybe even get to see the sunset while looking at the most beautiful landmarks of Sydney. At night you can enjoy the rich nightlife in one of the clubs, or have a quiet dinner date.


Sydney is a city that has a lot to offer, but when you have little time you want to visit the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions. You will understand then why they are so special. Organize everything in advance with the help of our guide, and the only thing you have to do once you get there is to enjoy your stay.

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