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Ways to Store and Organize the Bedding

As we all have to face issues while storing the bedding when the season changes. Most of us have to face lots of storage issues while storing heavy and big sized duvets, quilts, bed sheets, pillows, valances and blankets. So in this situation we all need to have extra storage areas in our house where we could store bedding properly and again take them out easily when needed. Here in this article we are discussing about the extra storage ideas that we could have in our house for storing bedding properly in well-organized way.

1. Prefer to Opt for Linen Closet:

Firstly, you should prefer to have a separate linen closet present in your room that should have enough storage space so that you could store quilts, blankets, extra pillows, and 10.5 tog double duvet easily. Other than that, you should prefer to know the proper organizing ideas that will help you to store these things easily without any difficulty. If you are buying it then you should keep in mind that you have to buy it of appropriate size and there should be enough space present in that linen closet.

2. You Can Use Linen Storage Baskets:

Other than that, if you will see that these big blankets and duvets are taking lots of space then you should prefer to use baskets so that it will help you to keep each and everything properly arranged. Storage baskets will help you to store lots of things by taking small space in your cabinet.  Other than that, it will make it easy to simply grab the things out of basket when needed.

3. Prefer to Use Under Shelf Baskets:

Next thing that you can do is to use under the shelves baskets, you can simply keep your extra bedding in it and store it under the counter or shelves in your rooms’ closet. It will help you to keep everything well organized especially those linen that are not in use or which we have to save for the next season. You will find these types of baskets easily in the market and they will be made up of wires, plastic or bamboo.

4. Opt to Use Under the Bed Storage:

Other than that, you can also use the underside of your bed as a storage area and prefer to install storage drawers in the underside of your bed where you can simply store all the extra bedding that you have and when needed you can easily take them out. Keep in mind that you should prefer to store these types of bedroom linen by keeping them in vacuum-seal bags so that you could protect them from germs and bugs. 

5. Use the Linen Storage Hanging Organizer:

Next thing that you can use for storing the bedding in your room or even in the washroom is to use some of the hanging organizer. That will help you to place all the things that are used on normal basis just like bedsheets, flat sheets, pillow cases, quilts etc. these organizers are easily accessible and you can simply take out things from it by hanging it anywhere you want.



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