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Warning Signs that Your Woman is Having a Love Affair

Sometimes your relationship does not work despite the fact that you seem to be doing everything right. Despite all your efforts, the woman you love no longer has that spark in her eyes when she looks at you, acting as if under a black magic love spell. You are trying to make it better but it is getting more and more obvious that she is having a love affair. 

According to many experts (for more information please visit spellshelp.com), men suffer more when they are suspecting infidelity rather than when they find out they have been cheated on. Thoughts that your woman can cheat on you are very painful to men and can destroy their self-respect and self-esteem completely. 

At the same time, about 50% of men suspecting their women of infidelity are wrong. To stop tormenting yourself with suspicion, check out once again the signs showing that your woman has cheated on you or is in love with another man and her feelings for him are so strong that she is thinking about breaking up with you or divorcing you.

The most common sign of infidelity is when the woman starts blaming you for the things you are not responsible for. This seems like nonsense to men but it is true. Cheating on her man reveals the woman’s imperfection and dishonesty. But no woman will ever admit she is dishonest or imperfect even if she has slept with dozens of men. She will always shift the blame onto someone else. Most likely this will be you – the man who failed to make her be faithful. 

So prepare to have a lot of fights with the woman and be insulted and humiliated by her. It is not enough for a woman to think that you are not the right partner for her. She needs to prove it. For this reason she will accuse you of many things most of which you have not done and have nothing to do with.

Besides, she will need to prove she had a right to cheat on you. Everything she says during this phase of your relationship will impact the relationship as the strongest of black magic love spells. Trying to justify herself, she will say she cheated on you because her lover is better than you and because she had a right to do it because she was completely disappointed in you. You do not make enough money, you have gained a lot of weight, you do not invite her on dates, you spend too much time working, you are boring, etc. There are hundreds of things you can be accused of by your woman, yet her point is that she did the right thing when she preferred a better and more successful man over you. 

It is for you that she is trying to look better. It is not for you that she has changed her hairstyle and bought a bunch of new dresses. It is not for you that she spends hours at the gym working out to get her body back in shape. It is not for you that she puts on her best underwear before going out.  

For your information, women wear lace and silk lingerie every day only in movies. Most women prefer simpler and more comfortable underwear which is usually not very sexy. If your woman goes from wearing plain underwear to sexy one, the chances are you will learn she is seeing someone else and it is serious shortly. 

Pay attention if your woman has been unusually secretive lately. Does she hide her phone from you to make sure you cannot see her correspondence with the lover? Has she changed the password on her laptop and on her phone? You should know that people who love each other keep no secrets from each other, while those whose relationship looks like under the influence of black magic spells for love are always secretive. The more secrets the partners keep, the more emotionally withdrawn they become.  

As we have pointed out, a cheating woman needs some excuses to not feel guilty for being a cheater. However, at some point the woman stops trying to justify herself and simply loses interest in you. She stops worrying about you, your work or health problems, she loses interest in your friends and she stops telling her friends about you. 

Speaking of her friends, they know the truth. So if your wife or girlfriend starts cheating on you, her girlfriends are the first to learn about it. When they do, they start treating you differently – as if you deserve to be cheated on. So if your wife’s girlfriends become disrespectful towards you or start mocking you, consider it a warning sign that your wife is having a love affair. No, it does not mean some black magic spells to make someone love you are in place. It means your reputation has been destroyed by your wife’s actions and it cannot be rebuilt. 

If you have a good intuition, pay attention to your dreams which can also have some signs that you have been cheated on. If you do not think your intuition is good enough to rely on it, pay attention to how much time your woman is away from home. Does she have more “girls’ night outs” than usual? Has she been working long hours lately? Does she make plans to be away from home on weekends? These are all red flags of her infidelity. 

Changes in your sex life can also be a warning sign. When your woman starts cheating on you, it does not mean she will stop having sex with you or you will have less sex than usual. As a rule, there are changes in the way women have sex. Thus, while having sex with you, your woman will act as if she is doing it with her lover. If that is the case, it means your woman likes sex with her lover more than with you. 


As for what to do if you are right about your woman’s love affair, let us talk about it in our next article.

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