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Ultimate Guide to a Summer Skin Glow-Up

Ultimate Guide to a Summer Skin Glow-Up

While summer is counting it`s last days, we can all agree on one thing – it’s still the time when our skin needs some additional TLC. While sunscreen continues to be the holy grail of summer skin care routine, there are other products you can add to your routine to ensure a healthy, glowing skin. Ready a summer skin glow-up? Read on!

Protect your lips from harmful UV rays

During warm summer months, our bodies require some additional protection from the sun, and our lips are no exception. However, most of us tend to forget about our lips when slathering on our SPF products because of the misconception that lips can’t get sunburned. The truth is, a sunburn on your lips can be very dangerous, and failing to provide proper protection from harmful UV rays can result in premature aging and increase your chances of developing skin cancer. While lip sunburns can be treated with at-home remedies and usually heal after a few days, it’s best to prevent your lips from getting sunburned by applying sunscreen products for lips.

Invest in quality skin care products

When it comes to skin care, every season requires a different approach. From harsh sun and salty water to humid air, summer is the time when your skin needs all the help it can get. While products with high SPF are essential for your summer skin care routine, you’ll also need to incorporate some quality skin care products that will help you keep your skin clean and your pores unclogged. Be sure to equip yourself with facial cleansing brushes, blackhead remover vacuums, skin scrubbers and rollers that will help you get that soft glow while also reducing the need for multiple makeup products that only mimic a healthy glow.

Energize your body by eating water-rich foods

Since our nutritional needs change with season, it’s best to take a cue from nature and load your fridge with seasonal foods. Our skin is more prone to sweating once the temperatures rise, so proper hydration is a must during hot, summer months. Energize your body with water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, and cantaloupe – they are great for achieving a radiant complexion and can be implemented in your diet as refreshing snacks, side dishes, or salads. Strawberries and oranges are full of disease-fighting antioxidants and since they’re rich in fiber, they will help keep your appetite under control. Also, be sure to include low-calorie foods such as green tea, broths, and soups in your diet to meet your daily hydration needs. 

Try out some fruity, homemade face masks

Looking for a way to revive your skin and get a healthy glow? Look no further than your fridge! With just a couple of common ingredients, you can easily make a fruity mask that will provide all the necessary nutrients for beautiful and glowing skin. Packed with vitamins and minerals, fruit-based DIY face masks can work wonders for tired, dull skin, and they require minimal effort. One of the commonly used ingredients in face masks, banana is a superfood that will work great for any skin type, but it’s especially useful for oily skin that is prone to acne. The honey and pomegranate mixture cleanses the skin, while watermelon mask will soothe irritated or sunburnt skin.

Exfoliate to slough off dry skin cells

An important part of your at-home skin care routine, exfoliation is considered to be the key to smooth, glowing skin. Effective for unclogging pores, incorporating exfoliation into your weekly routine will help slough off dry skin cells and even out your skin tone, as well as boost your circulation and lymphatic drainage. Homemade body scrubs are a cheap and effective way to ensure a fresh, healthy-looking skin. As with all things, it’s best to apply body scrubs in moderation and exfoliate only once a week to prevent your skin from getting damaged or irritated.

For those of us who don’t know where to start when switching our skin care routine, a couple of tips like the ones mentioned above can sure come in handy. Use them to ensure a healthy, glowing skin so you can hit the beach with confidence!

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