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Ultimate Guide for Exploring Asia


Thinking about visiting the exotic continent of Asia, but with so many tourist spots, attractions and beautiful destinations, you have no idea how to squeeze everything in a week or so? Below we shared the ultimate guide for exploring Asia to help you plan your trip and use the time you have in the best way possible.

1. Cheap nightlife in Thailand

You probably heard of Bangkok’s wild nightlife, but despite it being wild, travel costs in Thailand are quite small when compared to others. The best time to visit Thailand is in between November and early April because these seasons are cool and dry, thus suitable for travel. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya are some of the famous tourist spots in Thailand. Chiang Mai is notable for Thai handicrafts, parks, and temples while Ko Samui is the perfect place to enjoy beaches, nightlife, and the Big Buddha Temple. These are the most popular tourist places in Thailand but you are sure to find more if you do your research.

2. Enjoy the Indian spicy food

India is famous for its heritage and culture all over the world, as well as for its super-spicy and delicious food. However, forget everything you’ve ever tried at the Indian restaurants around the globe, because it’s not even close to what you’ll have in Delhi. The capital city of India, Delhi, is also known as the “Culinary City” of India. If you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy the innumerable food corners and stalls in every nook and corner. You must not miss the authentic Shawarmas of Al-bake, or relishing kababs at Salim’s, which simply melt in your mouth. 

3. Shop in Hong Kong

Besides having numerous sites worthy of visiting such as the Victoria Peak, Disneyland, or the Mong Kok neighborhood, Hong Kong is also a shopping mecca. This magnificent city offers a jaw-dropping scene you can witness when you go to Causeway Bay – it’s a maze of different shopping malls, with anything and everything you could think of. Additionally, the fashion is staggering. You’ll get plenty of style inspiration just passing by beautiful women in killer outfits in the streets of Hong Kong. Whether for the sake of shopping or other reasons, book a room in the cozy Hong Kong Gold Coast hotel 黃金海岸酒店 and enjoy this one-of-a-kind city. 

4. Have a luxury experience in Singapore

If money is no obstacle, Singapore is definitely your cup of tea. This island city-state is the perfect destination for those who seek to spend a lot of money on a fancy vacation. From helicopter rides, through an abundance of prestige restaurants and rooftop bars, to Louis Vuitton Island, Singapore allows you to experience the extravagance of traveling in style. Enjoy this melting pot of cultures, its world-class attractions, and the vast variety of luxury experience. 

5. Beaches in Bali, Indonesia

There is probably no need to explain why Bali is a must-visit destination. If you watched the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, you probably fell in love with the stunning sceneries. Bali has a rich assortment of idyllic beaches you can choose from based on your interests and mood, from surf sports, to “honeymooners”, to a peaceful oasis. 

6. Natural paradise in Malaysian Borneo

Borneo in Southeast Asia is the third-largest island in the world. It is shared between Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Malaysian Borneo is home to endangered orangutans, indigenous cultures and rainforests. This natural paradise is definitely worth grabbing a cheap flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur and spending a couple of days experiencing Southeast Asia at its wildest. 


Asia is a beautiful continent and the best place for tourists to explore. However, both for first-time visitors and those coming back, it can be overwhelming. Take note of the guide we shared and explore the best of the Asian countries.

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