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Trending Combinations to Liven Up Your Floors

Why follow the customary, monotonous, and trending floor decorations? Isn’t it exciting to experiment with the flooring types and colors to create something very unique, vibrant and picturesque? Crafting your own choices in a versatile amalgamation is the best you can do with your imaginative skills. You have limitless ways to create a miraculous arrangement for the flooring of your home. Think of building an entirely new style and a recipe for an enchanting combination of conventional material for a marvelous conception. Here we will be helping you to have exposure and knowledge to become able to think out of the box by procuring a few creative ideas to foster your imagination.

Combination of Materials

You can use different flooring materials in combination to create something more exuberant and eye-catching. Using a combination of hardwood cuttings and tiles is a great idea. Blocks of tiles installed within wooden frame mesh is an innovative and pleasing presentation of a stylish floor. Rugs and carpets on a wooden floor give a perfect platform to rest your feet on. The transition between flooring materials can offer an amazing experience yet careful maintenance.

Color Variations

You can experiment with color variations to give an exclusive grace and sensation to your room. Using a themed color will let you enjoy the beauty of the sky, spreading light, deepening ocean or a dry desert. Using different shades will give an effect of a diamond’s faces varying in light reflections. Brighter colors will lighten up your day with the shinning appearance at the dawn. Darker shades can reflect the depth in your thoughts and imaginations. Be realistic with your choices and let your inner self be revealed in your decoration ideas. Try to make it vibrant cum comfy for you to live on. Heated floors will add up to the warmth of the bright sunny colors of your floor. You can install a radiant heating system for floor heating in Toronto by Heavenly Heat for a desirable environment.

Textures and Patterns

Using a textures flooring will give you an astounding feel. Floors with textured surfaces are more attractive than plain single colored common flooring tiles. The various pattern can also help you enjoy the beauty of nature in all the corners of your house. You may find a variety of wood-like patterns printed on the tiles. It will substitute the costly hardwood flooring and will give the luxurious simulation within your budget. Using rugs and carpets with green natural scenery or a submarine environment is a wonderful thought. You can customize the themes for everyone’s room separately by using various imprints on the floor according to their dwellers. For example, using funky colors and patterns will be suitable for youngsters’ room, a cartoon character themed room will be best for your little ones. A peaceful regular pattern will be good for elders.

Abstract Combinations


Abstract art has always been desirable in recent times. Using a random combination of textures, patterns, colors and tile cuttings of irregular shapes and sizes will give out your artistic approach to your floor. Nonsystematic arrangement of flooring tiles gives an exclusive and charming appearance to your floors. If you are an artist and want to customize your art room with a unique style and color variations to let you think and concentrate, using abstract theme is a cool idea.

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