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Top 5 Modern Attractions for Experiencing Contemporary Australia

Deciding what places to visit when you go to Australia is both quite exciting and difficult! The part we enjoy is that the country has a lot to offer, with so many marvelous places and natural wonders that are a real sight for sore eyes. But because there’s just too much to see, we can’t be sure which destinations are most worth visiting, and what are the ones we can skip this time. If you want to experience a contemporary Aussie trip, you should know what places can bring you the most unforgettable experiences! 

Tasmania’s Quirky Museum

If you enjoy eccentric things, there’s a museum in Tasmania that will definitely pique your interest. It’s called the Museum of Old and New Art, and you can see some unconventional works and masterpieces there. The popular way to this museum is a thirty-minute ferry ride from Hobart.

Edgy and sumptuous Sydney 

Of all Australia’s cities and towns, Sydney is said to have the most urban spirit and it’s a very celebrated tourist attraction. It has the glorious and scenic Harbor Bridge, the magnificent Opera house and beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. If you feel like escaping for some solitude, there is the amazing Chinese Garden of Friendship.

What adorns Sydney are lavish venues that impress people, but it’s also famous for its quite outstanding food and contemporary restaurants and catering services. If you get a chance to stay in Chippendale, rely on A1 Canteen to experience real contemporary dining, enjoying the dishes from their remarkable menu that you’ll certainly like.

Wonderful Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Soft and hard corals, diving and snorkeling, more than 1,600 species of underwater creatures –this is what you can expect from this place, a wonder of the natural world. This is probably the best place to get the most out of incredible marine life. And if you don’t want to get wet, there are underwater viewing stations and glass bottom boats so that you can enjoy the reef while staying dry. 

Fascinating Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne

If you want to have a Melbourne cultural experience of a lifetime, go to this exciting place which collects works of great minds, fascinating artists and thinkers with ideas that are simply out of this world. It used to be housed in a small cottage after it was established in 1983, but now a big architectural work of art made of steel, metal and glass is the home for these splendid artworks. This building is now one of Melbourne’s most loved landmarks.

Revered National Gallery of Australia in Canberra

The National Gallery of Australia, which is situated in Canberra, is considered one of the most respected art spaces in the entire country. Its plethora of local and international artworks and exhibitions is impressive. There are four main areas, and these are Australian art, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art, Asian art and European and American Art. As you can see, people from all over the world can find something that suits their taste. Another reason why people like it so much is because it’s surrounded by spacious gardens of Australian native plants and trees. It’s beautiful inside and out!


Australia is a country you can fall in love with for so many reasons. When you visit it once, you’ll want to come back all over again. It’s rich with natural wonders, as well as amazing contemporary sites. In every city, there’s something wonderful waiting for you to admire and enjoy. Wherever you decide to go, you will undoubtedly have a wonderful and unforgettable time.

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