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Top 5 leading Ayurveda Destinations in India


Ayurveda is a mystical science. An art of healing that relates to the world of spirituality and meta-physical world in some strange way. But, how can something be mystical and yet be so close to Science? History is a two-faced wonder study- mythological and scientific. Mythology has a lot of stories to back up this science of rare herbal medicines with people and their testimonies proving the efficacy. Hinduism has a lot of stories about people in the ancient age, restoring their health through this science. Sometimes, even bringing people back from the dead. This legacy has spread its wings all across the globe but when it comes to roots, you have to visit India. A country whose womb gave birth to the most acknowledged and mesmerizing art of holistic health & nutrition! How do you start the journey? But before that, you must know how to filter the options, as in which destination to go for. Look for these signs:

·         Get in touch with a travel company or a retreat organizer group to know about Ayurveda destinations in India.

·         Always watch out for the popularity of the destination online

·         Talk about the accommodation so that your stay is fine

·         Check for Ayurveda doctors as you don’t want to end up on an herb from Chemist shops.

·         If you cannot find space or appointment at a famous place, look for the smaller counterparts. If you cannot find one, skip the place altogether.

·         If you are traveling to India for the first time, do a proper research and start with a popular place.

Barely coming to India will not yield anything, unless know you which are the hottest spots to go for. Here are 5 Indian Ayurveda destinations:

1.      Kerala

Speaking of Ayurveda, it would be unfair to start with any other place than Kerala. Down south, if there is one place where you can have access to traditional Ayurvedic treatments, massages, and ancient practices, it is Kerala. This destination is said to be the Mecca for ayurvedic treatments, healing sessions, and spiritual protocol for soul healing as well. It is because of this reason that Kerala Ayurveda retreats are famous all over the country and even in various other parts of the world as well. Who does not know about Kerala Panchkarma? Everyone knows about it and often approach some of the well-known healing centers in here for the best of treatments. Another healing protocol famous here is Enema for the digestion. You may find the retreat packages coming packed with Yoga & meditation sessions as well. So, this sums up the holistic healing as wholesome and complete.

2.      Rishikesh

Taking you straight to the beauty of the north, Rishikesh is an amazing tourist destination. Famous for its ethereal beauty, this destination attracts many but draws in specific traveler groups like couples, and youngsters every year. The Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula is really hard to ignore and by-pass. This place in the Himalayan foothills is known for its temples, cabin cars, sadhus and a rare sight of cultures of the northern India. Few people know that it is also a popular Indian Ayurveda destination and it draws a major number of travelers from all over the world. You may find a number of Ayurveda and Panchakarma spots near places like Ram Jhula, Village Jonk, and Laxman Jhula , to name a few. These centers offer a combination of treatments as well as tailor-made sessions and personal consultations too. The destination is surrounded by some part of the Himalayan rage and this account for its good stature in the Ayurveda community.

3.      Varanasi

One can never ignore the oldest city in the country, Varanasi. The land of the magnificent Ganga Aarti, Varanasi is also known for Ayurveda retreats and centers as well. The street food, delicious sweet Lassi, and many popular stories about Thugs, Varanasi is a mystical place. Foreign tourists visit this destination to seek spiritual awakening, find peace at the Ganga bank or simply enjoy the traditions followed. However, this spot is also famous for its therapeutic Ayurveda treatments available at places near Assi Ghat, places across the Grand Trunk Road. This destination may not be on your hitlist as of now but once in India, it is practically impossible to not visit this place. So, if you are in Varanasi for spirituality, then it is a good opportunity to catch up with some of the best Ayurveda doctors here. Once here, do not forget to go for healing head massages along the Ganges.


4.      Goa

Beaches, Martini, and Macchhi (Fish) Fry – Goa is a blessing, isn’t it? The beach holiday destination, a place reflecting a strong influence of European and Portuguese culture and a lot of fish-based delicacies- you can define Goa whichever way you want. Famous for cashews, this destination is a treat for solo, couple or even family vacations of all sort. Moreover, this spot is famous amongst travelers for its amazing Yoga retreats, spiritual retreats, and also Ayurveda retreats. And, then there are retreats that offer a combination of some or a perfect culmination of just about everything. The Ayurveda centers here in Goa offers Yoga sessions, healing meditation classes on a beach, simple vegetarian/vegan meals as a part of the entire package. The typical Ayurveda sessions shall also offer healing massages, Panchkarma, and even detox programs. The accommodation for Ayurveda sessions is either based out in a city area or near a beach.


5.      Shimla

Another hill station that shall marvel you with its snowy beauty, pleasing weather, and apples, Shimla is a destination to make memories. But, there is something to this place that is lesser-known to the world and that is the Ayurveda retreats and treatments available. The Himalayan range is a home to the rare herbs and these Ayurveda centers make use of these herbs in treating the patients or use them for travelers who are here to splurge in their health and wellness. According to many new channels and online media, Shimla is fastest growing spot for Ayurveda enthusiasts and travelers who visit India for spiritual reasons. Places like Manali have the perfect weather and traveler spots to entertain such tourists and presents to them, some of the best Ayurveda centers.


India lures everyone with its diversity, food, culture and Yoga. However, Ayurveda is another reason why it catches the attention of the entire world. There is much more to India than these 5 places but if you are about to embark on an Ayurveda marathon, then you can definitely start with these 5 major spots.

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