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Tips for an Autumn Honeymoon

The chase for the perfect dress, the groom’s spotless suit, the rush when you found the perfect venue, the heart flutters when you stepped onto the aisle, the taste of your wedding cake, and the split second you said “I do” – you’ve made some amazing memories, but only after you’ve done some serious planning. Now it’s time to pour your heart and soul into devising the perfect, most mesmerizing honeymoon a couple could dream of.

In addition to choosing the location, which could be considered the equivalent of finding the perfect wedding dress, you still have some planning to do and some choices to make. Here are a few tips to make the journey smoother and easier to handle, so that you can focus on the bliss, and not on the stress!

Choose the perfect spot

The setting of your honeymoon really is the key piece of your romantic puzzle, so choose wisely. Among the exotic classics and the modern urban gems, you can take your pick based on what you and your spouse will love and appreciate. Here are a few favorites to consider for the upcoming autumn period:

  • Bali – because there’s no such thing as a wrong time to go to what’s considered a slice of paradise on Earth. Beach horseback rides paired with overwater bungalows and sandy coastlines are all you need for celebrating your love, right?

  • Kenya – you two lovebirds can enjoy the wilderness in the embrace of Mother Nature and in an eco-friendly reserve, surrounded by birdsong and adventure just waiting to happen. Who’s up for a safari trip?

  • Italy – Europe will never go out of style, and the Mediterranean is your jackpot for a mix of romance, history, timeless museums, and stunning beaches. Let’s not forget some of the world’s finest wines, as well. 

Set up your budget

It might be unfair, but unless you have a bottomless bank account, you should be wise when it comes to your spending habits. After all, this is the key step to reduce stress from the process, because with the right budget, you can plan for all your field trips, expenses, and travel needs, so as to have your peace of mind. Plus, autumn is considered off-season for honeymoons, so you’ll be able to splurge a bit!

Once you’re done with the accommodation and transportation, you can see what your priorities are when it comes to your stay. Would you like to spend more on activities such as balloon rides, skydiving, scuba diving, museums, or would you prefer to explore the local cuisine and spa centers? Talk it over, do some research, and allocate those funds. Of course, leave some for that “just in case” fund, because you never know when you might discover a perfect unplanned adventure!

Feelin’ the baby rush?


Many, many couples are eager to start a family as soon as they get married. Could there be a better way to celebrate your love than by creating life, especially on your honeymoon? While you already know your way around the baby-making process, and you have plenty of time during your honeymoon to enjoy it, it doesn’t hurt to travel prepared.

Make room in your luggage for your own fertility kit that will take you through the process step by step and increase your chances of conception. This is also a great way to plan your honeymoon when the timing is perfect to conceive! Not only will you embark on this journey in an exotic destination, but you’ll also take any stress out of the equation.

Health comes first

Before you leave, have you found the perfect travel insurance policy for you and your spouse? No matter how perfect the travel arrangement might seem in the brochure, if the policy isn’t mentioned, you should take care of that task as soon as possible. This is especially important if you’re traveling to exotic countries, so perhaps certain vaccines might be in order.

Plus, your travel insurance policy is meant to protect your health as well as your possessions, so look into the right options that include medical coverage, evacuation, and of course, possible cancellations for whatever reason. 

A flexible itinerary it is

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Finally, every honeymoon needs a plan. Although you’ll already have a rough idea if you’re traveling with an agency that specializes in honeymoons, you’ll also have plenty of free time to fill with activities and exploration of the places you visit.

This is a perfect opportunity to bond with your spouse while you plan! Mix and match your interests to keep it balanced for both of you, and of course, read online reviews and travel experiences so that you know what to expect. Everyone’s idea of romance is different, so keep an open mind and be creative.

Your honeymoon is that perfect first step into married life to start your new chapter in joy, adventure, and love. Use these tips to plan the perfect getaway just for the two of you, and hopefully, you’ll tell the stories to your kids in a matter of a few years! 

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