Jun 30

Three Buddha life lesson

The Buddha (or Siddhartha Gautama) was the spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism in ancient India. His teachings were recorded and passed on to his followers.

We suggest you listen to these tips, which do not oblige you to anything but can make your life better.

Think well

“Everything we present ourselves is the result of what we think about ourselves. If a person speaks or acts with evil thoughts, he is accompanied by pain. But, if a person speaks or acts with pure intentions, he is accompanied by happiness, which is like a shadow and will never leave him. “

The Buddha claimed, “Everything is in our minds. You become what you think. ” To live right you need to fill your mind with “right” thoughts. Bad thoughts destroy you. Your opinion determines the actions, your actions determine the result.

If you change your mind, you will change your life. The Buddha said, “All wrongdoing depends on thinking. If thoughts are changed, will bad actions remain? ”

All that being said we need to learn how to develop a success-oriented mind.


“Hate never stops hatred in this world. Only love will put an end to that. This is an ancient law. “

When you get rid of what is seemingly unforgivable, you also free yourself. Learn to forgive as quickly as possible.

The Buddha said, “There are no fires in the world stronger than hatred, and hurricanes more destructive than greed.”

Share happiness

“A thousand candles can be lit from just one candle, and its life will not become shorter. Happiness does not become less if you share it. “

Happiness, not only will it not get smaller – it will multiply. So don’t hide it from other people, but pass it on to others.

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