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These could be found everywhere inside the world

We cover The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Battleground Basics at ; Battlegrounds (BGs) are instanced based small-scale Player vs. Player (PvP) with three teams of four players each.  BGs will not be faction specific, meaning an Ebonheart Pact player may group having a Daggerfall Covenant player and queue up together.  You also can queue solo or with as much as four people as part of your group.  Keep reading depending on how to get started, incentives, and general strategies!


Completing all seven daily crafting writs — such as Jewelry Crafting writs you must first earn your certification for in Alinor — ends in an assured 4.6k gold on a daily basis for a single level 50 character. However, any character can start fulfilling their daily crafting writs starting at level 6 after completing basic certification quests in Davon’s Watch, Vulkhel Guard, or Daggerfall based on their alliance. The gold reward per writ scales up from 215 gold at level 6 to exactly 664 gold at level 50. The best way to milk the daily writs system in Elder Scrolls Online is to level all eight possible toons around 50. If one character takes a few minutes to complete all seven daily writs, that equals 36.8k gold in approximately 40 minutes.


There are 6 forms of crafting, mentioned previously in the previous section; blacksmithing, clothing, woodworking, enchanting, alchemy and provisioning. In order to become a guru crafter, you’ll want to spend many points inside the various skill lines, so I’d recommend creating one character that can master all from the skills, and provide armor and weapons for the rest of one’s characters. In Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch and Vulkhel Guard you will find tutorial quests directed at you by Millenith or Danel Telleno.


In order to craft armor and weapons, you’ll need either metal, hide, cloth or wood. They are available in a number of tiers, based on your level. You will find them ”growing” randomly inside wilderness, where you may pick them up by pressing ‘E’ with them. They can then be refined at their respective crafting station, and employed for crafting. But you will want one more thing before you may create your masterpiece; a method material. Each playable race in Tamriel has their particular style material, to craft their sort of armor. This only customize the appearance with the armor, so you may still wear Khajiit armor on the Redguard, etc. These could be found everywhere inside the world, in containers. In the beginning you may only craft the form of your character’s race, but across the world you will find motifs with the other races and also some for totally different styles, for instance Daedric or Barbarian. Press ‘E’ on these motifs within the inventory to know how to craft them. It’s just like learning a brand new recipe.


Arguably, the good thing of crafting writs is always that you make money independently from a progress inside the crafting skill lines ESO gold . Meaning that your characters can absolutely bomb at crafting but still earn daily gold rewards.


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