Nov 5

The Scandinavian Fashion Style

A unique essence, playing with textures within a neutral muted color palette, timeless staples, anti-cool minimalist approach, simple design, ethical quality and comfort and no such things like flashy logos – all these words and phrases can be used to describe the Nordic fashion style, which is outstanding and awe-inspiring. The Scandinavians have a philosophy which encompasses art, interior design, furniture, attitude, mindset, lifestyle, and cultural norms. Their fashion is worth knowing about because it isn’t just easy on the eyes, but it’s also functional and comfortable. If you want to find out more about what they like to wear, you are in the right place! 

Combining comfy and fancy 

The Scandinavians appreciate items of clothing that are comfortable more than anything, but they also like to combine them with fashionable and fancy famous designer pieces. Even men do something like this, so don’t be surprised when you see a peculiar combination consisting of quality and comfortable men’s Birkenstocks and very chic pieces that you can only see on the runways. You can also hear that women of Scandinavia really know how to dress comfortably while still looking stunning and head-turning. They are proud of this skill and we should all look up to them when it comes to fashion.

Choosing eco-friendly options

If there is a population that really loves the environment, respects it completely and shows it, we can say that about the people from Scandinavia. They show this virtue by choosing pieces that are sustainable and ethical. They prefer production processes friendlier to the planet and the people undertaking them. They respect both people and animal rights, so you can see them in high-quality capsule wardrobe combined with classic-cut garments that can be worn in multiple ways.

Pushing boundaries in societal norms

They also enjoy embracing conceptual fashion, so they favor diversity and pushing boundaries with their outfits. Their fashion designers explore political and social concerns, and when they create, it’s in regards to people’s identity. The pieces are of peculiar shapes and cuts, and we can notice how they like to experiment and reinvent. You can often see them in avant-garde clothing pieces which reshape the human body. 

Going for the dark hues

For some reason, the Scandinavians are really drawn to dark brown, navy, charcoal and other dark colors. They seem to use black as the foundation most of the time. Perhaps they do it because black is easily associated with minimalism, and this is something they really delight in. This makes them always look elegant and sleek. 

Layers, layers and more layers

Scandinavian fashion-savvies enjoy showing off their outfits during winter the most, because this is when they look their best, and layers are the reason for this. They like layering because this way one achieves comfort, practicality and sophistication all in one. They think of everything – the colors, textures, and structure, but their aesthetics allow them to mix casual and elegant effortlessly.

Feeling good in contrasting combos 

Old and new or sporty and elegant, they just thrive in matching items that are contrasting and they are great at it! They are playful because they combine simple and minimalist pieces with the ones that are colorful or showy. They always manage to look chic and no one does it like them, because they are brave enough to mix new trends with old classics. 


The Scandinavian fashion truly is remarkable and one-of-a-kind, because they are unique and audacious, matching what others would never think of. They are masters of looking incredible and inspiring others with their outfits, and the best part is that they feel comfy in whatever they are wearing. We can learn a lot from them and we are grateful they give us so many amazing ideas!

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