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Summer Beauty Tips that Will Leave You Looking and Feeling Your Best

Most people feel pretty great during summer. The days are long, there’s plenty of sunlight, we usually get to relax and have more fun, and things are generally pretty chill and wonderful. However, while winter dries us out and makes us feel exhausted, summer comes with its own set of problems: sweat, greasy skin, sunburn, damaged hair, and breakouts just to name a few. These things can put a bit of a damper on our mood and make us feel annoyed, but they’re nothing to despair over. All you really need are a few cool tips to care for your beauty and you’ll look like a stunning summer goddess in no time. Interested in what those tips might be? Read on!

Sunscreen for people who hate sunscreen

We all have to wear it pretty much all the time during summer, and yet that doesn’t make it any less annoying to apply. We get it, sunscreen’s a hassle. However, since no one here wants cancer, wrinkles, or brown spots on our skin, protection is pretty essential. So, what can you do? It starts with picking a good product – something like the Coola Daydream SPF 30 Mineral Makeup Primer is great because it doubles up as a makeup primer, or maybe the CeraVe Sunscreen for Face SPF 30. They won’t leave a greasy, sticky residue that makes your face look reflective, and they are pretty great for those sweaty, summer days. Since we have to reapply sunscreen every two hours in direct sunlight, you might also wish to invest in a misting spray or a powder foundation with SPF protection. Easy for touching up on the go. Here are some more suggestions.

Protect your hair

Hey, your strands need some lovin’ as well! It’s a good idea to skip using too much product in your hair during summer because it can create a buildup that will dry it out, but the one thing you do want to use is a heat protection spray. Spritz a bit of it every day before you go out and your hair will be lush and hydrated.

Combat oiliness and sweat

Even gals with dry skin can struggle with T-zone oiliness when it’s hot outside, and the best way to start dealing with that is to switch out your moisturizers: use an organic, lightweight formula that will control your sebum production and keep you shine-free. It’s actually a good idea to use a quality face oil for this purpose. Oils such as jojoba are good at nourishing skin and balancing it out, so with some good natural skincare you’d be getting all the needed active ingredients. Don’t make the mistake of drying out your skin in hopes it will stop getting oily – the very opposite will happen. You will start overproducing sebum and getting even greasier, so be gentle with your face even in summer.

Also, keep blotting sheets in your bag to soak up the oil from your forehead when you’re outside, and make sure to wash your face thoroughly in the evening to get rid of dirt and sebum from your pores. If you wear makeup, you can also use a mattifying primer, a setting powder, or a setting spray to keep oiliness at bay.

Pamper your face and body with beauty treatments

What better time to really indulge and do something nice for yourself? This is a great chance to go to a beauty salon and get a hydrating facial, and maybe a professional wax so you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. If you can afford it, we’d definitely recommend laser hair removal because it will save you so much time in the long run, and it’s really useful for people who keep struggling with bumpy skin and ingrown hair. In addition, you should look for options to get a massage in Hong Kong as some of the best massage centers are located in this magical city.

Dewy skin in one easy step

The easiest way to have great-looking skin is to make sure it’s well-nourished at all times. So, one of our favorite products for the hot season are hydrating mists, especially if they come in small bottles that we can keep in our bags. Simply take it out, spray it on your face, and let the refreshing dose of moisture soothe your face.

Highlighting lotions for the goddess in you

Fenty Beauty came out with their Body Lava lotion a few months ago, and if you didn’t get it, now’s a good chance to splurge and treat yourself! A highlighting lotion can look absolutely stunning, especially if we wear shoulder-baring shirts and tops. Apply a little on your collarbone and your shoulders and you’ll look stunning. If Body Lava is a little too expensive for you, you can always use liquid highlighter and mix it up with your regular body lotion to get a similar effect.


We hope you like the tips! Treat your skin well during the sweltering heat and enjoy the confidence it gives you to rock this summer and make it your best one yet!

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