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Staying Happy When You’re Pregnant

The age-old phrase about happy moms and happy babies is probably true, and scientists agree that high levels of stress during pregnancy may contribute to health problems like high blood pressure. Excessive stress also increases the risk of both premature and low-weight birth, and a pregnant mother’s stress can affect her child’s immune system and brain development.

Experiencing stress here and there is common while pregnant; your body and mind will need time to adapt to the drastic changes that are happening inside you. Financial stress, relationship issues, lack of sleep and proper nutrition, and anxiety about the impending delivery are all factors that can put your pregnancy at risk. Also, studies have found that some women are at greater risk of experiencing premature and low-weight birth than others.

How to Stay Happy During Pregnancy

1. Stay Away from Negativity

Stop giving negative people power in your life—especially when you’re pregnant! Did you know that negative people can influence your thoughts and feelings even when they’re not with you? Do you ever have an inner conversation with a negative person or end up thinking how much you hate someone? Each time your mind shifts focus towards a toxic person, stop right there and refocus your thoughts; read a book, turn on the radio, or sing a song to take your mind off the toxicity! Staying active also helps. Most importantly, surround yourself with positive people.

Sometimes it’s not another person but our own negative thoughts that keep us from happiness. Will I regain my pre-pregnancy body? Will my life ever be normal again? These are some common thoughts pregnant women consider. Practice mindfulness to keep negative thoughts away.

2. Maintain a Mood Journal

How happy are you today? Have you been particularly upset about a situation or someone? Did you experience your baby’s first movement today? Jot down your thoughts everyday. Take videos, post blogs, and capture images on your phone. Recording these memories can help you feel lighter, and you’ll be able to better connect with your little bundle of joy.

A mood journal is not just for tracking your emotions, but also for recognizing people and places that trigger negative thoughts; use the journal to recognize warning signs of strong emotions. While there’s no “right” way to maintain a mood journal, some of the basics include: writing down the time, including the date, and scribbling your thoughts away. Sometimes you can just name an emotion and look to explain why you respond how you do.

3. Stay Comfortable

Tight clothes, ill-fitting undergarments, and being underdressed in adverse weather can make you irritable. Buy maternity dresses that fit well; they should be neither too tight nor too loose. There are plenty of websites that sell affordable, breathable maternity dresses. Maxi maternity dresses are perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Also, leggings and palazzos not only look great but they’re comfortable as well.

If despite your best efforts you’re unable to shake off those blues, it’s best to seek professional help. Discuss your symptoms and possible treatment options with your obstetrician.

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