Sep 24

Skincare Routine for Autumn

As autumn slowly starts to overtake summer, we all need to adapt our lifestyles to match the new season, both so we can get the best of everything it has to offer and so that we aren’t leaving ourselves exposed to some of its downsides. And after a long summer of bathing in the sun, your skin is just about ready for something new and indulgent that fall has to offer. So here are all the ways in which your skincare routine should change as we transition.

Treat your skin

Literally, treat it. After many months of sun exposure, your skin is probably beautifully tanned – and quite damaged. Sun is the biggest enemy of the skin, no matter how good it feels. But there are things you can do to make sure that your skin is refreshed, re-nourished and that your tan won’t come off in blotches. Visit your local dermatologist or beautician and talk to them about the different options of chemical peels and treatments that will help kick-start your skin for autumn. Yes, you might lose some of the tan because the top layers of your skin will likely come off during the procedure, but it’s a small price to pay for healthy, plump skin that you will get when it’s over.

Bring the moisture back in

During the warmer days, we often tend to put aside the heavy moisturizers and creams because we’re pretty sure it will all melt and sweat off our faces in a blink of an eye. The weather is now colder and it’s time to get serious. However, let’s not bring in the biggest guns just yet, and go for something more transitional like serums and oils. Take a page from the people who live in weather that is constantly changing and give skincare from Australia a try. Look for something that feels light and hydrating, but that will keep your skin moisturized even in the dry, cold air.

Don’t stop with the sunscreen

Just because you’re not going to the beach doesn’t mean that you’re not being exposed to the sun. You still need to apply your sunscreen daily to make sure you are protecting your skin. Now, do you need to apply a separate layer of sunscreen? Not really. For autumn days, it’s enough to apply a primer or moisturizer that has some SPF in it, just enough to shield you from the sun.

Less abrasion

We as a society are all way too used to scrubs and exfoliants. We use them daily and it’s taking a toll on our skin. And while you might not notice it during summer because your face is always hydrated or oily, as soon as the weather gets colder, you will start to hurt. The baby skin that is exposed through over-exfoliation is not prepared to handle the harsh colds and winds that autumn brings, so you want to cut that way down, to once or twice per week.

Consider supplements

When the fresh fruit and veg that we have in abundance all throughout summer go out of season, our diets also suffer, and our skin can bear the consequences. Not getting enough nutrients will dull your skin and reduce its elasticity, so consider some vitamin C tablets and other supplements to keep a balanced diet and smooth skin.


If you want your skin to look good throughout the year, you need to adapt to the weather and elemental changes. And if you weren’t sure how to tackle the season to come – now you know. So get your moisturizing mask on and go get yourself a pumpkin spice latte because the season is officially open!

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