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Places to Go When You Refuse to Give Up on Summer

You can hear many people naming summer their favorite season. And why shouldn’t it be? The weather is perfect for swimming, spending time in nature, barbecuing with family and friends and having a vacation. That’s why many people get sad when it’s over. But we can make it last longer by visiting certain destinations even during the colder months of the year. These several countries are warm even during spring, autumn and winter… at least to some extent.

Broome, Western Australia

Broome is one of those places you can visit any time of the year. They say its attractions are magical and quirky. You can visit the well-known Horizontonal Falls via fast boat, the amazing Riddell Beach which is not as famous as Cable Beach, but it has its charm (incredible rock formations) or maybe you can go see the largest dinosaur footprints in the world. You can also check out the Broome Aquarium and enjoy the marine environment. Broome also has the incredible Gantheaume Point known for its red rocks and amazing turquoise water. And if you want to see the oldest operating outdoor picture theatre in the world, this is your town!

The Maldives 

Any month you decide to spend in the Maldives can be truly amazing, not just the period from May to September! There are plenty of great Maldives travel packages, especially if you need it for your honeymoon, for your family vacation or if you just want some luxury packages. This tropical country of South Asia is remarkable because of Addu City, where one can take up snorkeling and scuba diving, but you can also do other things like fish in Malé, the capital of the country, also known for its mosques. Every corner of this country is great because of its beaches, blue lagoons and extensive reefs.

Porto, Portugal 

This destination is not just good because it’s a bit cheaper than the rest of Western Europe but also because of the weather and, of course, splendid sights. You can see the iconic double-deck metal arch bridge called Luís I Bridge, the Clérigos church and tower – a baroque church famous for its tall bell tower, Bolsa Palace, which is a huge neo-classical landmark and one of the most important cultural institutions known as Parque de Serralves.


It’s known as a beautiful North African country with borders to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and you can notice the Berber, Arabian and European influence there. You can visit a major economic center Marrakesh, where you can find plenty of eye-popping mosques, palaces and gardens, or maybe Casablanca, a port city and commercial hub. Rabat is the coastal Morocco’s capital, where you can see a lot of landmarks and learn a lot about Islamic and French-colonial heritage.


If you want a peaceful and affordable part of the world with warm temperatures even when it isn’t summer, this is the perfect destination for you! Bali is famous for its ancient Hindu temple by the ocean – Uluwatu Temple, but it also has beautiful beaches, for instance in Seminyak, and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It has rice paddies and coral reefs that you can enjoy. 


Just because the summer ends, it doesn’t mean our adventures have to as well! There are still plenty of things to do, just in other places, where the climate is amazing throughout the whole year and not just for a couple of months. These several places are amazing and the days are sunny anytime you choose to visit them. And with all the great things you can see, it’s just magnificent!

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