Oct 11

Packing Your Car for Vacation 101

If you’re planning a vacation and want to use your car as a means of transport, you’ll be able to use the car in a rather practical way. Not only is driving your own vehicle greatly beneficial when it comes to visiting distant locations, but you’ll also be able to utilize the space in (and on) the car for all your luggage. The following tips will help you make the most out of your car packing task.

Divide the items before the actual packing

Depending on the type of vacation you’re going for, you might need to bring a lot more stuff than just your clothes and toiletries. For instance, if you plan to camp out or go on a road trip, you would also need to bring dishes and utensils, camping gear, food, and so on. Before you start filling your bags, make sure to lay out everything you want to bring with you into neat piles and divide these items into respective groups. 

Bags are not the only options

Of course, regular bags might be the best solution for the type of luggage you have. But if you have to carry a lot of items with you, as mentioned before, filling up the bags might be more troublesome and impractical. You can use a bag for your clothes but when it comes to things such as utensils and food, going with plastic containers, tubes or boxes would actually prove to be a more reasonable solution. These tend to stack next to and on top of each other quite nicely, which will also save you a lot of space in the trunk. 

Utilize the car roof

If you’re not the only person going on a vacation in the car, this means that you’ll have people sitting next to you and maybe even in the back. Therefore, you won’t be able to use the seats as a storage option. This can be rather problematic, considering that you have to bring more stuff for more people and some cars simply don’t have the necessary trunk space. In this case, don’t hesitate to utilize the roof of your car. Thanks to retractable ratchet straps, you’ll be able to fasten the bags securely and load up your car worry-free. 

Fill up the nooks and crannies

Bulkier items or things that are more difficult to pack, such as chunky footwear for example, don’t have to be stuffed into your bags or boxes. What’s more, you don’t have to waste valuable space in your trunk or the roof either. Most cars have these little nooks and crannies that can be used for putting away some items without bothering the driver or the passengers. Back seat pockets, space under the driver and passenger seat, possible pull-out drawers that your vehicle may have, and so on can all be utilized for packing the items that might need to be accessible at all times during the trip or are simply too difficult to pack neatly otherwise. 

Start packing in time

Packing your car in a rush usually results in sloppy work and wasteful use of available space. That said, the best thing you can do when packing and preparing for the vacation is to actually pack your car the day (or night) before you have to leave. You’ll have more time to check out different storing options and there won’t be any pressure of running late. Bring out all of your boxes and bags together with other items you want to take with you and place them next to the car so that you can visualize the best packing solution easier. 


If you want to use your car for your vacation trip, make it a point to inspect the car beforehand properly. You might even want to bring the vehicle to the mechanic just to be on the safe side and possibly even fix small issues if necessary. Obviously, don’t forget to fill up your tank.

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