May 13

Note To A Single Mother


Some days are better than others, but every day I’ve learned to wake up thankful. I’ve learned to embrace and grow exactly where God has me.

Getting my son ready for school while also getting myself ready for a long day of work has become our morning routine. Then right after work it’s off to business meetings for my own business and practice for him. For a single parent it sometimes feels like there is no chance to take a deep breath. Most people will take for granted the fact that they have a partner to assist them in the daily grind, but us single mamas have to manage on our own, especially if the family support system is long distance.

Ahhh but we manage! There is something special about raising your child knowing that God is on your side and that God created your child for a purpose (Jeremiah 29:11). We learn to not dwell too much on how we ended up doing the job alone, we just make sure the job gets done. Our babies want for nothing, and every need is fulfilled. The sacrifices that you make if no one else notices, well I do, and I salute you. 

There are some days where I would just be so exhausted, going from one place to another with no chance to take a break. But I continue to press on because I know that someone else depends on me. Never give up or lose hope, always know that God is on your side. I know it can be tough sometimes but as resilient and strong women we are sure to survive, and thrive. 

Your Mental Health Matters

Learn to take some time throughout the week for yourself! Your mental health really matters, if you aren’t good, well then you can’t take care of your kids properly. Even if it’s only an hour each day, you deserve it!! Take yourself to lunch, get a pedicure, go for a walk, whatever you need to do to reset. 

Pray daily for your child, it’s so important that we cover our babies before they leave the house each day and before they go to sleep each night. As a mother I have learned that the relationship I have with God is crucial because it’s in that relationship where God instructs me on how to be a better parent.

Don’t beat yourself up too much! There is no such thing as a perfect parent here on earth (Our heavenly father does a great job on His own).  

Your strength is noticed by God, every sacrifice that you have made, each tear that you cry…God sees it. Don’t ever lose hope, you are doing an amazing job and your children will thank you one day for every sacrifice made.

Every goal you set, the desires that lay deep within you, they can still be accomplished. Being a single mother doesn’t mean that your purpose is delayed or denied. Put your focus fully on God so that you can fulfill everything that He created you for!

This is just the beginning!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome women out there!

Juanita N. Harrison- IG: @Juanitanharrison

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