Apr 28


The word “blog” (Blog or Weblog) is derived from the abbreviation of “Web Log (Web Log)”, which is a very simple way to publish personal information. It allows anyone to register, write and send like free e-mail Similarly, complete the creation, publishing and updating of personal web pages. If you compare the forum (BBS) to an open square, then the blog is your open private room. You can make full use of the features of hypertext links, network interaction, and dynamic updates. Select and link the most valuable information, knowledge and resources on the global Internet in your “Non-stop Online Navigation”; you can also record and publish your personal work process, life story, thought history, flashing inspiration, etc. in a timely manner, Give full play to your personal unlimited expressive power; you can also meet friends with Wen, meet and gather friends for in-depth communication and communication.


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