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Most Common Plumbing Problems and When to Call a Professional

Every homeowner needs to be prepared to handle a few common household emergencies. These tend to come up even when you take care of your home and repair it regularly, but they are more common with older homes.

It’s also important to know when an emergency is beyond your ability to fix it and when to call a professional to help. This may seem like it’s more expensive than doing it yourself, but sometimes the damage done by an amateur repair could be even worse.

Dripping faucets


Dripping faucets are one of those issues that usually get overlooked because it’s not a major problem and it’s more annoying than it’s dangerous. However, it wastes water and it may lead to a bigger issue over time when you start losing a lot of water at once. 

There’s a rubber washer inside the pipe that creates a seal when the faucet is turned off. It’s what’s causing the drip. You’ll need to purchase the washer and to replace the leaky one. If you have ceramic faucets, everything gets infinitely more complicated and you need to call a professional to help you out.

Clogged drains


Another problem that people don’t take seriously until it causes actual damage is the clogged drains. It starts with the sink not being able to drain the water that you pour in it. This is because something is blocking it and it may end up flooding your home.

Once you notice that this is happening, it’s best to hire an expert for blocked drains in Sydney. They will turn off the water and find the source of the problem. That means that they might need to replace or reline the pipes.

Running toilets


A running toilet is a relatively common problem found in many households. It’s also one of those issues that mostly wastes water and doesn’t cause additional problems. It can take a while until you notice that this problem even exists. 

It’s mostly because the flapper is no longer balanced and that happens over time since it gets damaged by water when you flush the toilet. Every individual part of the toilet including the flapper could be replaced on its own without having to remove the whole toilet. It’s imperative however, to close the water first.

Low water pressure


Low water pressure can happen because something is blocking your drains in most cases. If you can’t find what’s blocking them and the problem continues to arise, you’ll need to call a plumber since that can mean that the issue is actually with the public water supply system and you’ll need to report that.

In rare cases, and this is the worst case scenario, the pressure could be low because there’s a leak somewhere and you’re losing water. This will require a more complicated repair and can be noticed by an increase in the water bill.

Water heater


There are a few that can go wrong with a water heater. It can leak from the tank or from one of the pipes. Problems with the pipes are easier to handle, by simply replacing them. If the leak is coming from the tank it will be more costly to replace, but it also needs to be done.

Alternatively, the problems could be with the heating system itself and that’s something that can’t be fixed by a plumber but by an electrician.


There are a few plumbing problems that a household needs to prepare for. Most of these are easy to fix but if you can’t manage them, it’s best to call a plumber.

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