Jul 13

It Shoes for Summer 2018

If you’ve ever tried making sense out of an array of different trends in order to find a definite ‘it’ piece, you know how difficult that can be. This year’s shoe trends aren’t any different, as it seems like every designer decided to find inspiration in something else. Runways have been covered with literally everything, from delicately embellished stilettos to bulky cowboy boots to make any Texan proud. If you’re confused because of all those contradictory signals you’re getting from the fashion industry, we’re here to help you out:

Comfy sneakers

First we started stealing our boyfriends’ jeans, later we snuck in our moms’ closets to put on their jeans, and now it’s time to borrow something from our dads: their comfy sneakers! Their chunky, thick-soled sneakers are not only extremely comfortable but more fashionable than ever. Still, if taking your dad’s shoes seems a bit too much, you can always buy yourself a pair of highly detailed ones that will match your frilly summer dress perfectly. Your dad might be surprised and start shaking his head because this is exactly what he wore in the ‘90s, but as supermodels and designers approved of them, everyone will soon own a pair.

Keepin’ it bright

Bright colours have made a comeback and they’re here to stay, at least when we’re talking about heels and sandals. Thanks to designers’ inspiration and extra-bright shades of their Spring/Summer 18 collections, it was only a matter of time when we would turn to matching hot-hued footwear.  Primary shades are in focus, so bright yellows, reds, and blues are the safest choices. Pick a style you want: mules, pumps, strappy sandals, and allow yourself to fall in love with bright colours one more time.

Magnificent mules

This summer, mules happen to be among the most popular ladies shoes both on the runways and the streets, and the beauty is in their versatility: you can basically choose any style you want and rock it! Closed-toe glittery pumps, kitten-heeled velvet sandals, block heel pointy-toe sandals… You can quite literally choose anything you could possibly imagine. They will perfectly compliment an elegant cocktail dress, a strict business suit, a breezy summer dress, and a casual pair of ripped jeans.

Hottest PVC

This year’s PVC trends have caught us a bit off guard, but we’ve embraced them gladly! See-through plastic has made its way to our wardrobe with ease, so today we have charming PVC handbags, coats, and, of course, shoes. See-through everything fever was brought up by Chanel and other designers took off from there (Calvin Klein and Balmain to begin with).  While the material sure is fashionable, it’s definitely something that just doesn’t appeal to everyone. If you’re not sure just how much you’re in love with it but would like to give it a try, you can start with a simple pair of strappy heels and work from there.

‘80s pumps


Just as dad sneakers take us back to the ‘90s era, there is something special for those who prefer a bit higher style. Stiletto pumps that look like they escaped directly from the ‘80s are the next huge thing, and both designers and fashionistas are buying heavily into the trend. You can wear them in an unexpected colour, you can choose a strange-shape heel, or you can pair them up with a mini-handbag for the ultimate retro look.

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