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Interesting Career Ideas for Creative People

Sure, you have a great artistic talent, but what are you planning to do with it? You can either keep it hidden or turn it into a lucrative career. If you choose the latter, here are some of the best and most interesting career ideas for creative individuals. 


While becoming an architect requires a lot of dedication and hard work, especially on your mathematical skills, the best experts have a great set of artistic skills. In order to create a space that’s both functional and beautiful, you need to understand materials, mechanical and structural issues and design principles as well as see how those fit together to create something attractive. 

Web designer

If you have some knowledge when it comes to coding and IT, web design might be a perfect career option for a geeky creative like you. While web design offers plenty of creative freedom, you’ll obviously need to follow your client’s specs and work closely with them. Additionally, web design pays fairly well, especially if you have a very wide set of skills, so you can count on a hefty paycheck. If web design sounds good but not too good, you can consider something similar like graphic design that involves creating logos for brands. 


Do you have an eye for composition and love to stalk good photos? If yes, you can turn your hobby into your career! Photography is one of the most viable career paths for creative types since you can fully express yourself and your vision. Plus, there are so many different types of photography from portraits to sporting and nature photography. Also, there are many styles you can choose from classic and structured pieces to very elaborate and creative ones. 

Tattoo artist

If you have a talent for drawing and painting (and are not squeamish) you can consider a career as a tattoo artist. Every day, new parlors are popping up, so you just need to find a willing tattooist to be your teacher and you can start learning the secrets of the trade. If you’re not as creative as a real tattoo artist, you can choose something similar and take a quick cosmetic tattoo course and learn how to do eyebrow design and application, top and bottom eyeliner and lip liner. If you love beauty salons and follow latest beauty trends, this will be the perfect career for you! 


If you pain better with words than your hands, why not take up copywriting. Copywriters do their highly creative jobs in advertising agencies or on content-dependent websites and if you’re looking for a career that offers great flexibility and freedom, that’s just the one. Your job would be to create text that will be featured in adverts and commercials and will follow musical themes and visuals. Sounds pretty fun! 

Interior designer

If you have an eye for creating harmonious spaces and matching colors, shapes and styles in one space, then you should consider interior design. You can expect to plan room themes and layouts, purchase furniture and accompany everything with the right artwork. Of course, you’re expected to stay within deadline, budget and client’s specifications. 


If you’re a very hands-on type of creative, you might consider a career in floristry. This job also requires excellent people skills because your typical day will include meeting clients, putting down orders as well as creating flower arrangements. Bonus: You don’t need a degree to be a florist. Having a floristry course will help you on your job search, but all you really need is talent and experience. 


As you can see, you have a lot of different career choices to choose from. No matter if you’re a true wordsmith or agile with a camera, you’ll find something that fits your talent and use it to your financial advantage.

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