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Instant Confidence Booster: Payday Beauty Treats

We all have our good and bad days. Sometimes we look great from the moment we wake up, our hair is flawless and our skin is glowing, but there are also days when you feel down and it seems as if nothing can make you feel better. Luckily, there are things you can do to instantly improve your mood: meditation, your favourite candy, a talk with a good friend, and, of course, treating yourself. We give you a list of suggestions what you can do to treat yourself after you collect your paycheck.

Visit a beautician

It’s a sad truth that we usually decide to visit a salon when we have a big event ahead: an important dinner, a party, or a wedding. The health of our skin and hair is important; we should all visit a beautician more often, and payday is the perfect time for you to book an appointment and pamper yourself. You can do as most Australians do, pay a visit to a skin care clinic in Perth, where you can get a dermal treatment of your choice, and just relax while professionals do wonders for your skin.  After the treatment, you will feel lighter, your skin will glow, and you will feel confident.

A spa weekend

Spa weekends are often considered a luxury, but they are proven to be worth every penny. When was the last time you let somebody else take care of you? You will be able to relax completely while being massaged, enjoy saunas, mud baths, steam rooms, and facial treatments. You can have a day at the spa or enjoy a weekend away, alone or in company, but the feeling of professionals taking good care of you will stay with you for a long time. Next time you have a deadline and the work feels overwhelming, you will remember this getaway and know that you can repeat it soon enough.

Treat your inner fashionista

There’s no doubt about it – a pretty new dress or a nice pair of heels will make you feel better instantly. This is one of the reasons treating yourself with clothes (and shoes) is the easiest way to boost confidence. The rush wears off soon enough, but you’re left with a cute piece you will love to wear. Don’t hesitate to buy yourself something you’ve been admiring from afar for a long time: a couple of long sleeved lace tops, a pretty new mini dress, a pair of sexy glittery stilettos, or a stylish handbag will be great additions to your wardrobe.

New lingerie

It often happens that women who aren’t romantically involved with someone avoid buying lingerie. Luckily for us all, lingerie isn’t just something you should own and have when you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship, but a tool to make yourself feel powerful and sexy. Knowing that you’re wearing something sheer, lace-y, and sexy underneath your regular clothes will make you feel desirable and confident in an instant. Besides, it’s a completely frivolous purchase, so you won’t feel guilty afterwards, and one more thing – it’s just for you (and possibly your partner).

For the love of makeup!

Do you have a favourite makeup brand? Do you stay true to a product after you like it or you like to experiment and try different products and different brands? If you’ve been using the same makeup product for a long time, it means that you have a style you really like and feel comfortable pulling off, but you will never know if there is something else you’ll like even more unless you give it a try. So, next time you collect your paycheck, go a bit crazy buying makeup and try out different colours and different brands. Embrace bold colours, try products with glitter, or just buy a beautifully scented bath bomb.


We all understand that self-care is incredibly important, but we still struggle to find time for ourselves in our busy schedules. Everyone’s life seems so fast-paced that rush and stress have become the norm. Treating yourself on payday is a great way to put yourself first and to acknowledge that all your hard work is paying off. Caring for and pampering yourself are great ways to boost your confidence and indulge in little self-love without feeling guilty afterwards because you know you’ve earned it.

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