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Innovation and Future Trends in the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has been changing and evolving for hundreds of years, but while in the past the main thing that drove changes was style, now it’s technology and the advancements it brings in the world of beauty. There are now treatments for basically any cosmetic condition and everything is more available than ever all over the world. So, what trends have arisen from these changes and what is the industry dealing with right now?

Instagram marketing

The social media domination meant that it’s easier than ever to see who looks a certain way and have a direct link to their preferred cosmetician. If we move past the main problem of people being able to photoshop their images and make themselves look a lot different online than in real life, there’s still the issue of recommendation and quality of work. Kylie Jenner’s lip cosmetician’s fame has skyrocketed thanks to Instagram but he at one point was put on probation and not allowed to practice medicine. So is he the best option, even if he makes people’s lips look good? You have to remember to do thorough research because with everything being so available, it’s easy to make a mistake that will cost you much more than the money you will pay to get it done.

Non-invasive procedures

Everyone wants to look great, but few people actually want to go through the “beauty is pain” slogan every time they’re getting something done. This is why, more and more, procedures that involved knives, syringes, and long recovery times are now being done in a non-invasive way, meaning everything comes from the surface. This involves a lot of lasers, vibrations, and other sensations that give results without actually piercing the skin, thereby minimizing recovery time.

Dental improvements

A smile is one of those things that people don’t think about unless they have a problem with it, and for the longest time, the main concern of dentists was to keep the mouth healthy, regardless of how it looks. However, with all the changes happening in the beauty industry, it’s normal that they’re also switching their focus on beauty. Replacing teeth with implants was something that was never about aesthetics, but rather function, leaving people with teeth that don’t match in color or shape. But today, in places like Delight Dental Spa in Mascot, you can get implants that will match your teeth perfectly and you won’t even feel the difference. These kinds of steps are huge for many people and basically anyone today can have a great smile.


Return to nature

Everyone is doing a lot of different procedures to make themselves look naturally beautiful – logic be damned. But a lot of beauticians who work with people’s skin and hair have actually turned towards nature for the ingredients to heal the skin, so we’ve seen things like mud baths and all-natural cosmetics take the stage and sweep the world of skincare. Looks like it’s finally accepted that natural products that give long-term instead of instant results are taking over. It’s also incredibly easy to make your own products and nourishing masks at home, so feel free to give it a try.

Bespoke care

Anyone would feel like royalty if a specific skin care treatment was created and administered just for them. But it’s really the only way to have an impact because every person’s situation is different. If you go to a beautician for a treatment for your skin, you’re definitely getting a personalized experience because they’re there, looking at your skin, and working with what will make it look best. But, you can also get custom-made skincare products that are made in small batches to suit your skin exactly. It’s a long and costly process, but it will give you results that you’d never be able to achieve with off-the-shelf products.

Innovations are always hard to accept at first, but somehow, we’ve grabbed the innovations in beauty with both hands and we’re not letting them go. So make sure that you’re not jumping onto the next hype train over a new treatment or product, but actually look at what it offers you and whether it’s right for you.

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