Oct 21

How You Can Give Your Career a Fresh Start

Do you feel like you’re stuck? Do you have a feeling like you’re just surviving at work and that your day-to-day routine is suffocating? If your Sundays are filled with anxiety because of what comes tomorrow, it might be the time to think about making a big change in your life. Dreading to go to work the next day is a feeling that won’t go away on its own, and instead of bottling up your passion and creativity, you should find a way to unleash them. With that being said, here are some ways you can give your career a fresh start.

Find what you like about your job

There has to be something about your job that you like and enjoy doing. Perhaps there used to be more things in the beginning, and now you only have a few, but whatever the case may be, try to look closely and find something that excites you about your current job. Whatever that may be, look for ways to do more of it. Perhaps you have a hard time thinking about it at the moment, so give yourself some time to figure out what those things might be. Sometimes you’ll be engrossed in an exciting project, you’ll get to work with people who inspire you, or you might even find peace in some mundane tasks. 

Extend your existing career

After you’ve realized what is it that you like doing at your job, it is time to expand on those things and work on your existing set of skills a bit more until you’re ready for your next career. People used to work 50 years for the same company in the same position, but that’s becoming obsolete. Changing jobs is as easy as breathing, and changing careers is becoming a norm too. If you’re good with words, you might start as a freelance writer or a journalist; if conveying knowledge is your passion, you could get your certificate and teach English in Monkey Tree English learning center. Being an English teacher abroad has many advantages, and you’ll get to learn about different cultures and languages first-hand. 

Learn a new skill

You might think that you’ve left learning behind when you finished school, but the most successful people have long realized that learning never stops. The more you learn, the more valuable you’ll be in today’s market, and having a lot of skills will make you a great candidate for a number of different jobs in different fields. You’re able to ‘transfer’ your skills and talents to a different field and so the skills you’ve acquired in one field can easily be transferable and valuable in another. This is the reason why so many project managers are becoming successful consultants with their knowledge of budgeting, planning, and resource allocation, but also why many lawyers turn to politics and writing.

Stay open-minded

Even when you think you’re ready to change careers, remember that fabulous offers don’t come out of nowhere. It’s important to do your research and stay open-minded about different options. Spend time online not just for fun, but to stay informed about the fields that interest you, read trade journals and stay on top of new developments, and make sure to talk to people from the field as well. Don’t underestimate the power of networking – you’d be surprised how much you can learn from people if you only ask the right questions and pay attention. 


Feeling stuck at work is not something you want to feel for the foreseeable future, is it? You’re supposed to be passionate about your work and find a job that will allow you to grow and thrive, not stop your creativity and initiative and turn you into a robot. We’re in for the long run – people are working well into their 70s, and the sooner you find a career that inspires you and fills you with joy, the better.

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