Sep 26

How will I survive in Paris?

My French teacher doesn’t speak any English.. // I’m on day 3 at school and intensive French class has been quite tough. Can you imagine that I already can make sentences even though I’ve only studied the language for 4,5 h in total? Our teacher is pretty fun, but she only speaks a few sentences of English per class, the rest is in French. You could say that it’s a bit hard, especially since almost everyone in my group has zero prior knowledge, but I’m also learning a lot already! I’ve seen Jasmin’s homework too and feel like my teacher has completely different tactics. We’re learning more basic grammar than we do vocabulary. This week is just a crash course however, and my real French classes will start next week. Let’s see if the speed is the same then.. Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to actually have started now! Now: time to do some homework and tonight I’ll join some others at a pre-party. I’ll skip the real party since I’ve got an early morning tomorrow.

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