Jul 13

How to Truly Recharge on Your Day Off

In the fast-paced, overworked world that we live in, getting a day off is an ultimate luxury. But how often does it happen that you have a day – or a full weekend – off, and you still go to work after that feeling like you haven’t properly recharged? This is because getting rest and replenishing energy doesn’t have much to do with how much time we have, but rather how we’re using that time. So, to make sure you are getting the most out of your day off, try doing some of these things:

    1. Don’t follow workday rituals

We all have some rituals that we do every day to get ready for work. We wake up at a certain time, check our phones, make coffee, pack lunch, carefully choose what we’re going to wear, do our hair and makeup and leave – let’s face it, probably in a rush – for work. Throw in a few quick emails in the first hour of your day and you have a pretty accurate routine. But on your day off, you can forget about any of that. First, turn all of your alarms off and let your body wake up when it naturally decides that it’s had enough sleep. You might be surprised by how early you naturally wake up. The best thing you can do is lead the whole day intuitively. Eat when you feel like it, what you feel like eating and if you feel like napping along the way, go for it. This is an exception to the routine, and your body will be doing only the things it feels good about.

    1. Take a break from tech

Forget about work emails, texts and even social media for a while. Try to give yourself not only a physical break from your job, but also an emotional cleanse. Just leave your phone in your room – you’ll hear it if it rings, but you’ll enjoy time without it being right at your fingertips. If you have a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while, a new recipe you want to try or a friend to catch up with, this is the time. Anything that you don’t have time to do when you are working, do it now – as long as you feel good doing it.

    1. Treat yourself

This is your day to relax, and if that means splurging on a spa day at a luxurious spa in Vaucluse, then you treat yourself to it. You want your day off to give you not only the energy to take on your workload when you get back, but also to give you motivation to get back to work. And what will get you motivated better than treating yourself to an indulgent weekend in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods.

    1. Decide if you want a plan

For many people, having a plan is a lot more relaxing than just having the whole day free to do what they want. If you are one of these people, you shouldn’t feel like planning out things to do is “not fully embracing your day off” or not knowing how to relax. For example, if your closet has been begging for a clean-out for months and it has been causing you stress for months because you can’t find the time to take care of it, penciling it in on your day off will not only let you check a major task off your list, but also give you a sense of relaxation and peace, both while you’re doing it and once you’re done. Of course, you can leave your schedule open to whatever comes your way, but if you do nothing during the entire day, you might regret not using it wiser the following day. As sad as it is, sometimes we have to use our day off to catch up on other work we need to do, to give us a peace of mind when we are back on the job. Just don’t forget to get some rest as well!

Taking a day off when you feel like you need one is not only a thing that will make you feel better, but it’s also something that will make you more productive at work. You will easily be able to do in one day all the work you’d normally do in three days if you’re feeling sluggish, as long as you have a bit of time to charge your batteries. So, let yourself take some time off and enjoy the little things in life that a simple day off brings.

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