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How To Handle Emergencies When Traveling

No one wants to think about emergency cases when going on a vacation, but in reality, it is wise to think about every possibility. Unexpected situations can happen at any time, and you have to be well prepared. Also, you must know how to handle emergencies. In this article, we will explain how to react in each situation, step by step.

Passport or credit card loss

Losing a credit card or passport can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if it is your own fault or you have been a pickpocket victim – you have to fix this problem as soon as possible. Therefore, the very first thing you have to do is contact local authorities and conduct a police report over the lost items. Specify all the necessary details. However, when you lose a credit card, you should contact your bank immediately to deactivate the card. Also, if you need money urgently, consider applying for online cash loans. On the other hand, if you lost your passport, contact the local embassy. What could be really helpful in such a situation is a photocopy of your passport, so think about doing it before going on vacation.

Medical emergency

Every emergency regarding health is terrible. However, it is vital not to panic and respond logically and methodically instead. The first thing you should do is find local medical help immediately. However, if they are too far, or not available at the moment, contact the emergency number. If their phone is also unavailable, use universal hand signals until the help comes, especially if you don’t know the local language. Finally, you can contact a travel insurance number, and get directions to the nearest emergency service or room. Translation assistance is, almost always, included.

Rental car accident

Auto accidents are happening every year in many worldwide destinations, even to the best drivers. It is vital not to go emotional and stay calm after a crash. What do you have to do? First, file a police report with all the details about the accident. Local police will, hopefully, help travelers collect the information and witness statements. Afterwards, contact your rent-a-car provider, inform them about the situation, and try to find a mutual solution (insurance plays a vital role). Finally, your credit card provider, as well as travel insurance, should offer you some coverage for the accident. 

Being a victim of theft or a crime

If something like this happens to you, you have to react instantly. Report the crime to the local police and take a copy of the report. Contact your embassy afterwards. They should help you with emergency needs, and also connect you with your lawyers and family. Also, if your wallet gets stolen as well, contact your credit card company too. One of the best tips to prevent such a situation is to keep your wallet safe, out of reach of pickpockets. Also, don’t carry more cards or money than you truly need.

Being stuck at the airport

This is a frequent traveling issue, and the solution is quite simple. Being held at the airport usually happens during bad weather, delays, and similar situations. Call your travel insurance provider and ask for a trip delay coverage. You might get a hotel room or overnight shelters at the airport, depending on your policy. Remember, it is not the worst thing in the world, stay calm, and don’t panic.


Even though some emergencies can’t be prevented, it is smart to plan ahead and, at least, to know how to get yourself out of the mess. Therefore, inform yourself, don’t panic, and always be ready to react adequately to any of these situations.

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