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How to get the perfect batch of cookies

Baking is nothing less than an art, be it baking cakes, cookies, pies, tarts or anything else at all. Baking anything at all requires a lot of skills, practice, patience and of course the best kitchen tools and appliances and an incredible oven. It is also imperative that you use the best quality ingredients that are fresh and within a few months before the date of expiring so that whatever you are baking has the perfect taste and texture and it should not be a disaster or a sad scene because you forgot to check the ingredients and their dates. Whenever you bake something especially cakes and cookies, the entire place smells absolutely delicious and there is a magic in the air. If you cannot bake cakes and cookies, you can easily visit your nearest Valentine Day Cakes and buy or order an amazing range of baked goods.

Baking cookies seems easy but it is definitely not an easy task. You need to be aware of the proper tools and techniques and only and only then will you get the perfect batch of cookies. Cookies whatever different flavor they might be of have almost the very same process and steps to making the cookie dough and batter.                                                                                                                 

In case you want to know the secret for baking the perfect batch of cookies and want to know the art of baking perfect cookies each and every time, here are some life-saving tips for you:

1.      One of the first and foremost things you need to keep in mind to achieve a great and delicious batch of cookie is to measure each and every ingredient properly and thoroughly. If even one of the ingredients is not in the correct ratio, the taste and texture of the cookie might get affected. Before you set out to bake a batch of your favorite cookies, ensure you have the correct measuring spoons and cups so that you are able to measure all ingredients correctly.

2.      When you set out to make the cookie dough, ensure that all ingredients are at room temperature and nothing should be straight out of the refrigerator. You need to keep in mind to mix the dry ingredients separately and the wet ingredients like butter, oil, milk, cream, eggs and more separately. Only mix all the ingredients together at the last minute before you put it in the cookie molds and then put it in the oven. Also take precaution not to over-mix the mixture but only make it moist.

3.      In case you want thinner and crispier cookies, you can add a dash of extra baking soda or powder to the batter, and use use egg.  Yolks instead of a whole egg. And in case you want thicker and chewier cookies you can use brown sugar or honey as a sweetener, and melt the butter before adding it to the sugars and then mix it well.

4.      Ensure that you evenly fill out the cookie molds so that you get cookies that are even in shape and size. Also make sure that you flatten out the top of the cookie molds to wipe away any extra dough. You can find several shapes of cookie molds and make your cookie more fun and exciting to eat.

5.      Do not forget to put your cookie dough in the freezer. Frozen cookie dough ensure you get soft, moist, chewy and crunchy cookies.

6.      Also ensure you have the best quality baking sheets, and make sure you grease the baking sheets. Use cool baking sheets and not warm ones.

7.      Ensure you check the cookies before pulling them out of the oven. Stick a needle or a toothpick to see if the cookie is properly and evenly cooked. If not, you may want to chuck them in the oven for a few minutes more.

8.      Do not forget to cool down your cookies on the cooling rack before you set out to enjoy them. We know you cannot wait a minute longer to eat your freshly baked cookies but if you do not cool them, they might break apart and crumble which you do not want. Even after cooling down, the cookies will remain soft and moist.

In case you do not want to go through all this trouble of baking cookies, you can also order cake online and also order your favourite cookies along with it. 

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