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How to Create a Perfect Skincare Routine

You’ve probably gotten used to your summer skincare routine, but now it’s almost fall, and you have to adapt it to new conditions again. We all experience how fragile our skin can be when seasons change. Eruptions of acne, whiteheads, blackheads, itchy patches, all of us fight our own battles against these annoyances throughout the year. In different climates and during different seasons, the skin has different needs. So, if you want to avoid these complications or at least minimize the chances of having to deal with them, start taking adequate care of your skin, bearing in mind different seasons and weather.

Skincare while traveling

If you’re planning your next holiday trip, don’t forget to add your skincare to the list of essential items. Make sure to leave some space for it in the suitcase, as you don’t want to spend your holiday hiding away from the sun. First of all, you should invest in a good moisturizer and sunscreen, even though it may affect your holiday budget. 

Make sure to put sunscreen on every 30 minutes to protect your skin from intense sunlight. If you want to protect your skin from brown spots, you need to make sure you’re always adequately protected. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen even if you’re somewhere cold and covered with snow – reflected sunlight is still strong enough to cause sunburn. 

Before your trip, try mixing a bit of warm weather cleanser with a cream cleanser to prepare your skin for what’s to come and make the transition easier. If you’re doing your skincare in layers, don’t forget to apply the lightest products first, also more active products should be applied closer to the skin. Wash two times a day to keep your skin hydrated and avoid using hot water, as it may be more drying than the one at home. Maybe you won’t feel like getting a facial cleaner, but you can replace it with pre-moistened facial wipes and remove dirt, oil, and makeup wherever you go. Don’t forget to get your products in small packages, you don’t want to get in trouble at the airport rules.

Update your skincare routine as the seasons change

High temperature and humidity level changes affect our skin even more than most people think, but those effects can be minimized by simply swapping or adding products to your routine. Lower humidity levels dry out and dehydrate the skin, causing dead cells to build up on the surface. Switch to a milk or cream cleanser during summer months to add some extra hydration to your skin. 

During winter, go with products rich in moisturizing ingredients that will protect you against wind and cold, like oil. Also, pay attention to the temperature of the water you’re showering with. Even though we all enjoy taking hot showers, hot water contributes a great deal to dry skin in winter. Dry weather in summer is different from the dry weather in winter. In summer, you should use hydrating products that are light, cooling, and soothing. Consider getting a cleanser with those effects, like aloe vera

There are also some products you can use all year round to keep your skin in good shape. Facial mist fits all skin types and will save your skin throughout the year, and it smells good as well. Skin balms hydrate, soften and soothe your skin, and you can use it to remove your makeup when needed. Facial essences are lightweight products which prepare your skin for moisturizer. They are the hydrating layer that helps your skin absorb creams and serums. If you’re ever in doubt, you can always turn to one of these for help.

Get to know your skin type and how it reacts to different conditions. If you’re using new products for the first time, make sure to give your skin a month to get used to it to see if it works or not. It’s not a small feat, but the end results are really rewarding!

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