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How long does it take for a guy to come?

The average time is less than five minutes. When we say how much time it takes, we assume that this is the time when the actual penetration is happening. And penetration time is always less than the overall time in sexual activity.

The timing also depends on several other factors. These factors include the experience of the guy, age, arousal level and place where the sexual activity is taking place. It is seen that first time, the time is always very less and only after a couple of minutes of penetration, and a guy can come. Some guys use drugs like Viagra 200mg to prolong the timing. And the increasing sale of such drugs shows that problem is widespread among younger males.

Timing is always less than desired

Any guy who frequently has sex sessions with the partner will testify that timing is always less than desired. This is due to the timing of arousal and climax is different between a male and his partner. It is seen that a male is already aroused and goes straight into sexual intercourse with the partner. Since the partner is not fully stimulated, his climax comes faster than the climax of the partner.

The early coming leaves both partner unsatisfied. It leads the male to depend on drugs like Levitra 40mg for prolonging the sex. However, this dependency is without harm, it can cause serious issues in younger males. It is always preferable to have the natural prolongation techniques and reduce dependence on drugs to increase ejaculate timing.

With experience the timing increases

The young guys without experience cannot last more than few minutes. This is due to anxiety, performance pressure and high arousal level before sex. The young man is so sexually excited, that he goes directly into penetrative sex without foreplay or touching. And once inside the partner, he cannot stop thrusts. The continuity of the thrusts decreases the ejaculation.

The young man feels that if he stops during sex, he will loss penile erection. The fear of losing penile erection makes the young guy keep thrusting, which leads to early ejaculation.

Refractory time of a young guy is always less

However, there is another aspect related to the young guys, which hardly occur in mature males. This is the refractory timing. The refractory timing is the timing it takes to get another penile erection after the first ejaculation. When a second penile erection happens, it lasts up to half an hour. And this is the session which really exhausts both the partner. Often in this second session, the female partner goes up to orgasm. The chances of simultaneously reaching orgasm and ejaculating happen in the second sex session. In mature males, the use of Cialis 60mg increase ensure second time erection , if there is any issue in second erection .

I would suggest young guys never use any medicine like Viagra 150mg to prolong the sex session. Let it happen naturally. The refractory timing depends on attraction towards the partner, sexual stimulation and place. The place also has a major say in the timing of ejaculation.

Increase timing with simple techniques

The first is to choose a relaxing and quiet place. Never have sex in the place where you are not comfortable. This aspect is never given thought during sex. It is the first requirement to have a long time in coming. The place where you will be forced to ejaculate fast for some fear or another will always favour the other party, not you. Make sure that no one will disturb you and your partner for next at least one hour. Never start directly without foreplay. Make sure that your partner is also sexually stimulated. Start slowly with confidence and stop often to kiss and caress the partner. Take her along with you during the sex session.

Giving pleasure not extricate it

Your aim during sex should be to giving pleasure to the partner. This will automatically help you to increase ejaculation time. At the same time, you will experience greater joy. Both of you will reach orgasm at the nearly same time. This will lead to ejaculation with greater satisfaction.

Use drugs like Cenforce 200mg to increase your confidence only. Gradually with more confidence, you can have sex without the drug. With relaxation and confidence, you always improve your coming timing.

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