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How Ayurveda is Helpful to Burn Belly Fat?

The greatest dread that consumes most of us is unwanted belly fat. And if some of you fear to do a plank more than you fear to have a beer belly, then we can assure you that Ayurveda has got your back. The wisdom of life science, also known as Ayurveda has given us many reasonable ways of gaining better health by losing unwanted fat. Many Ayurveda courses in India focus on food-based remedies that can help us get into shape in just a few months. If you’re planning to take Ayurvedic treatment in India, here are a few tips that can get you to prepare a pre-treatment routine to get rid of belly fat effectively.

Here are 5 amazing Ayurvedic ways that can help you lose a few pounds around your belly:

 1.      Black pepper

Typical panchakarma treatment in Kerala always has black pepper tea as part of their Ayurvedic ritual. A storehouse of health benefits can be found in this remedial spice. If you like crushed pepper on your pasta serving, rest assured that you’re half-ready to be healthy. Pepper is a spice that helps you metabolize food faster and keeps obesity in check. It also contains several vitamins and minerals that keep your body fit and healthier. Just make sure that you boil yourself a hot black pepper tea and consume it every day without fail. It will keep that unwanted weight gain slightly lower than usual.

 2.      Kapha-Pacifying diet

Ayurvedic treatment strongly focuses on sattvic food choices including a generous harvest of green vegetables and seasonal foods. By ensuring that our food patterns align with Kapha levels in our bodies, a great deal of change is expected. Once our Kapha doshas are adjusted accordingly, the body’s metabolism gets better and increases the ability to lose fat easily.

 3.      Fixed Sleeping cycles

Ayurveda stresses on maintaining a healthy sleeping cycle to give our bodies sufficient time to give rest to our metabolic activities. The best time to align our Kapha, Vatta, and Pitta doshas are when the body is at rest between 10 pm to 6 am. Dosha balance results in great metabolic improvements which ultimately cause improved food absorption, leading to decreased belly fat in only a few months.

 4.      Yoga 

Ayurveda gives plenty of importance and credit to yoga when it comes to maintaining healthy body weight. Losing belly fat may seem the most strenuous exercise to some but studies suggest that implementing even 15 minutes of yoga in everyday routine can make a huge difference over time. So roll out your yoga mats and attack that belly fat with several asanas because Ayurveda says so!

 5.      Pranayama

Pranayama is a breathing practice that helps you cleanse blocked energies inside your body. This practice can make space for a stress-free disposition allowing for better eating habits too. The benefits of pranayama are numerous but one of them is that it reduces your stress and anxieties, helping you make sense of what stops you from losing weight. When the body is free from stress, it automatically allows for healthier food and sleeping patterns which in turn allows for better metabolism. And it all comes down to having a great metabolism that helps you absorb food faster and get going with less fat around your belly and more energy in your whole body.


Ayurveda is a holy practice of body cleansing and balancing of doshas that make it such a dependable way of losing weight, unlike several modern-day technologies that damage our bodies instead of giving us better results.

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