Jun 11

For Writing Parents…

Don’t stop being a parent, don’t think you have to.  Just keep writing.  If you want to write about being a mom, dad, then do.  But, you can still write if you’re a parent.  Excuses don’t finish the manuscript. I know it’s harder if you have more than two, or three babies, but it can be done.  It. CAN. Be…. DONE.

My son now sits behind me on the couch, taking a break after some early morning basketball shooting and in-the-moment pseudo-drills with me on a day off from day-job, watching a cartoon and eating a snack I heated for him.  And now, I talk to you… writing parents.  Get up earlier, stay up later past when they go down.  And if none of those for whatever reason isn’t possible some days or on some solitary days, then take notes, in a small notebook.  What I’m doing throughout the day.  Singular words, thoughts, or short sentences.  If you don’t have bays of time to write as much as you’d want, then write what you can in the time you have.  You can only do what you can do.  And, you can do.  Do, WRITE.

You don’t have to stop being a parent.  Writing demands you embrace your identity and reality, and feed that to your pages.  Keep the pen moving.  And yes, I’m advocating pen and paper over thumbing on your phone in some “notes” app, or thinking you always have to be on the laptop even though right now I’m lucky and my son’s content to the point where I can get out a couple hundred words for you, for us.

This advice is for me, before it’s for you.  Sometimes I have to remind myself not to overthink, not to make excuses and to keep writing.  You’re watching your son today…. SO?  Why aren’t you writing, Mikey?  I asked myself and taunted that same self with a animatedly useful venom.  So… here I am.  Writing.

What are you doing, Mom?  Dad?

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