May 7

Finding That One Perfect Gift for Your Loved One

Finding a good gift is no small feat. Of course, when you don’t need it, everywhere random place you go to seems to have amazing items that make you go “Huh, I bet they’d love that!” But when you actually set you mind to get something for a loved one and decide to make it really special, then nothing you find seems good enough. You want it to be fun but not trite, meaningful but not cheesy, and practical but not boring. And most of all, you want to see that million-watt smile light up their face when they receive it. Well, to help you figure out a way to get something that’s absolutely perfect, here we offer some handy tips and suggestions.

Listen carefully

If there’s an event coming up that’s the reason you want to grab a gift, chances are that your loved one will hint something to you in a subtle manner, hoping you might pick it up. Even if they don’t really do that, you should still listen carefully because they might mention something they liked, or something that fascinated them, and use that to inspire you. They’ll be overjoyed that you paid attention.

Pay attention to their interests

Are they a fan of football? Do they like opera? Maybe they just really like makeup, or gourmet food. Picking something that’s related to their interest is common sense, but it can be tricky to figure out if you know little about it. For example, how do you know which craft beer is good if you never drink any? Well, certain things might help. For one, you should pay attention to their social media. Do they like books? Look at their Goodreads profile to see what’s on their to-read list. Check out their Pinterest to see boards of things that inspire them, and keep an eye on all the rest of their social media to see what kind of things they share. Second, ask a professional to help you when picking out a gift, or ask your loved one’s closest friend.

Look around their room

What’s their apartment like? Is it full of bright colors? Does it have a minimalist design? What about their bedroom, what do they hang up on their walls, what colors are dominant? This can help you figure out their taste.

Make sure it’s personalized

We assume you don’t want a dull gift that anyone else could have picked up, so it’s very important to choose something that really reminds you of them and panders to their identity. The best kind of unique gifts are personalized, so why not get them something with a special engraving or an inscription? For example, a wine glass with their name is perfect for a night in where you sit down to laugh together and drink booze, or maybe a personalized passport case for those who love to travel, or a shirt, or even a golf score book if your loved one enjoys their golfing trips more than anything.

Turn to good memories

You must have plenty of good memories together. So, why not make them last? A frame with a photo collage of the two of you together, or a scrap book of important moments in their life, or even a big wooden box with letters, pictures, and small knickknacks from your life together. Tickets of the movies you’ve seen together, a coaster from your favorite bar, maps of countries you’ve visited together. You know best what’s important to you.

Make something yourself

You could bake them cookies, you could make a huge, romantic dinner, you could paint something, you could carve something. Be crafty and utilize your skills because there’s nothing like a handmade object to make someone’s heart melt. Other suggestions? Make them personalized chocolate, or an at-home spa basket filled with relaxing goodies. You could also sing them a song, write them a poem, sew them something, or make a cute and simple greeting card.


Whatever the gift you pick, your attitude matters the most. Show them how much thought you’ve put into it, how much you want to make them happy, and they’re bound to love it.  

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