Jun 11

Find a Creative Outlet that Suits You the Most

Creativity is a strange thing. Most of us relate it almost exclusively to artists of some kind, and we rarely consider just how much a chess player or an engineer need this skill be able to do their jobs well. Finding an outlet that will let you express yourself is important, and even if you’ve never considered yourself as someone creative, you’d be surprised at the kind of things you’re capable of. If you need some ideas on how you can cultivate creativity and imagination, here are some things that you can try.

Start a journal

Not only will you have a way to put all your thoughts down on paper, you’re also bound to find out a lot more about yourself and the kind of things you enjoy. You can start off by writing down small lists – a list of things that makes you happy, a list of places you’d like to visit, a list of your favorite books. Write about yourself, about your day, or write short stories about things that happened to you. Take a sad, difficult moment from your life and write about it as if it were a story. Writing offers us an insight into the deepest parts of ourselves, and you don’t actually have to become a writer for you to benefit from these little exercises.

Make something with your hands

Handmade crafts are a powerful thing. It’s immensely satisfying to work on something and then have an end product that you can hold in your hands by the end of the day. Perhaps you could make a pair of earrings from paper clips and shimmery beads, or try knitting, or make a handbag out of old pair of jeans. Try fun tutorials online and, who knows, maybe one day you open your own Etsy shop and start selling.

Immerse yourself in art any chance you get

From reading books, to visiting museums and galleries, you need art if you want your mind to thrive. It’s also pretty good at motivating you to create something of your own when you see how much beauty a human being can create. From Turner’s paintings to Leonardo da Vinci’s  sketches, let the work of grand masters inspire you to grab some paint pigment for your art and start playing with colors. Remember, you can also look at comics and drawings, or illustrations in children’s books. There’s more than one type of art, so pick something that speaks to you on a personal level.

Use your computer

Computer technologies are so advanced these days that most people would benefit from learning at least one coding program. How does this relate to art? Well, like we said, unexpected professions actually need creativity, because the gist of creativity is basically problem solving. A mathematician needs as much creativity to figure out a formula as a painter needs to figure out how to perfect their technique so they can paint an intricate human face. Also, coding isn’t just about strange maths and confusing programs, a lot of it is used in design – you could be making web pages, banners, computer games, animations, and pictures. This is something women rarely consider because we’re not taught that this could be an option for us. But we can absolutely rock it, so give it a try.

Sign up for a class

Signing up to learn a new skill can be a great way to make sure you actually stick to it. It’ll give you more of a personal investment, and when you stumble and get discouraged, you’ll have someone to help you fix a mistake and encourage you to go on. Whether you sign up for pottery or dance classes, it’s up to you.

In the end, why not try all of these? You never know until you’ve really experienced something, and you might be surprised at the kinds of talents that are lying dormant in you. Dare to try something new, and dare to be bad at it in the beginning. Skill comes with time and practice.

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