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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Tailored Suits

Even though it’s considered to be one of the priciest expenses you can make, nothing beats the sophistication and elegance that a custom tailored suit evokes. Investing in a custom tailored suit takes you a step above others style-wise, ensuring you get a durable garment that you can wear on many occasions. Here is everything you need to know about custom tailored suits and how you can get the perfect one for yourself.

What are bespoke suits?

Before you choose the color, material, and style of your suit, you’ll first need to learn what a bespoke suit is and in what way it is different from suits that are made to measure. A bespoke suit is made from scratch, meaning that the tailor will make it without using any existing patterns or designs, ensuring you get a one-of-a-kind suit. First, the tailor will take your measurements, and according to your specific requirements, they will use their skills to craft out your vision. Hand-drawn and sewn, it takes a highly-skilled craftsman to create such unique garments, and because of this, bespoke suits can get very costly, and the production time is much longer than for suits that are made to measure.

What are made-to-measure suits?

Another type of custom made suits, made-to-measure suits differ from their bespoke counterparts in several ways. First, the whole process starts with you choosing from a curated selection of suits – that is when you pick out the style, color, and fabric for your unique suit. You can either choose an off the rack size and then alter the length and fit of the garment to ensure it fits you like a glove, or you can have your measurements taken according to which your suit will be crafted. Next comes the customization part where you select the details for your suit, such as the number of buttons. You can either visit a showroom or you can get custom made mens suits online – just be sure to enter the exact measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Dressing well at an affordable price has never been easier!

Choosing the right fabric for your custom tailored suit

Whether you decide to get a bespoke suit or the one that is made to measure, choosing the right fabric for your suit is an important step in the process of getting the perfect suit for yourself. If the suit will be worn in summer, it’d be best to opt for lightweight fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Cotton and linen are two materials that are perfect for summer suits as they will prevent overheating, ensuring a good airflow and an optimal level of comfort. On the other hand, a suit for winter should be made of thicker fabrics that will keep you warm and cozy. Getting a suit made from flannel or thick wool is a great way to ensure you’re warm even in the harshest of winters. However, if you’d like to get a suit that will work well both in summer and winter, a suit made from lightweight wool is the perfect solution.

Selecting details and adding finishing touches

Paying attention to details can help you design a suit that will stand out, ensuring you get a garment that is truly unique. Buttons, stitching, and patterns are all simple tweaks that can go a long way in transforming the way your suit looks and give it that distinctive flair, making it truly authentic and different from any other garment. Get customized buttons that match the style and vibe you’re striving for. Anchor buttons look awesome on a summer suit and give it that nautical vibe, while brass or wooden buttons lend a dash of vintage charm to a suit.

Why everyone should get a custom tailored suit

A high-quality, custom tailored suit is something every man should have in his closet. A customized garment that fits your body like a glove ensures a sharp look and highlights your personal style, offering you a chance to showcase your creativity and design a suit that acts as an extension of your personality. A custom tailored suit ensures you get a perfect fit, emphasizing your best physical features and camouflaging less flattering ones. Because of the quality materials used to craft the suit, you can rest assured your garments will last you for years, which helps set you aside as a smart buyer in a society that values quantity over quality.


Now that you know everything there is to know about custom tailored suits, the only thing left to do is to get one that matches your style, needs, and personal preferences. Use the tips above to do it properly and make an investment that will last you for a long time.

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