Oct 7

Each is constructed of cast steel

Cubic boron nitrite grinding wheel bring projects which require intricate focus on detail. They provide a high-quality tool that will help produce a beautiful, well manufactured product.


What is really a CBN Grinding Wheel?

A CBN wheel is constructed out of cubic boron nitride. This material is amongst the hardest materials available, second just to diamonds. The main feature in the material is that it comes with a high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity that maintains its sharp cutting edges. It’s a wonderful choice when doing advanced products that need a high focus on details.


Each is constructed of cast steel, precisely machined for accurate size and flatness, and electroplated with CBN particles. CBN abrasive is practically as hard as diamond, so you’re able to grind even tough steels quickly. It’s also an improved thermal conductor compared to the abrasives employed in bonded wheels. This, and also the heavy steel body, means the abrasive surface remains cooler – it is possible to grind directly to the tip in the tool without overheating it, so that you spend less time honing afterwards.


Most grinding wheels are produced with vitrified bonds, which incorporate a mixture of carefully selected clays. At the high temperatures made in the kilns where grinding wheels are designed, the clays along with the abrasive grain fuse in a molten glass condition. During cooling, the glass forms a span that attaches each grain to its neighbor and props up grains as they definitely grind.


Grinding wheels made using vitrified bonds are incredibly rigid, strong and porous. They remove stock material at high rates and grind to precise requirements at superabrasivetools.com/diamond-sanding-abrasive-belt . They are not afflicted with water, acid, oils or variations in temperature.


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