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Dog Safety First: A Guide for Responsible Dog Owner

We all love our furry four-legged friend, but sometimes it can be difficult to protect them against all the dangers lurking out there. The dog we own can be mischievous itself, so it is hard for us to control it and prevent anything bad from happening to it. However, there are several preventive measures we can take in order to made sure that our dog is safe in every situation and that even if it runs away it will find its way home.

Winter hazards


Staying off the hot sun seems obvious and most owners stick to the well-known safety measures like plenty of water and staying in the shade. It is winter time that carries the greatest risks because playing in the snow is only seemingly a fun activity. Never let it slip your mind that overexposure to cold weather can cause frostbites. Dogs might look different from us, but they too suffer at low air temperatures, so don’t play outside in the snow and ice for more than an hour. After all, snow is just cold water and too much exposure to it will lead to hypothermia. It might seem funny but you can put one of those goofy-looking sweaters on the dog to protect its chest from cold air.

Garden as a safe haven


If you own a garden, that’s excellent, but it doesn’t automatically mean that the dog is safe inside it. Dogs are canine escape artists, so the fence needs to be high enough so they cannot jump over it and stable enough so they cannot knock it over or topple it down by digging underneath it. The last thing you need is your dog escaping overnight!

Lost, but not forever


Dogs are the animals that can never be fully tamed, no matter how much you try. After all, their ancestors were wolves, so they still possess this wild gene. Every owner has had to face the awful truth of finding the dog’s house empty one morning but not every owner lost their dog for good. Your dog should, first of all, wear a collar with a tag on it, like the ones Pet ID Tag make, stating your address. This way, the person who finds your dog can immediately tell it’s someone’s dog, calm it down, grab them by the collar so they don’t run away, and then contact you using the data printed on the ID tag.


Another solution that will enable you to find your dog if they get lost is microchipping them. A microchip is painlessly inserted under the dog’s skin by the vet so it can be read by another veterinarian who will immediately get in touch with you. The chip will prove that it is indeed your dog and the vet can give them first aid if necessary.

Training the dog for recall


Your dog is probably a little wacky and you love them because of this but this means that they will wander off at times. This is perfectly acceptable and safe while you are in the backyard but out in the open, they can get hit by a car or something worse. That is why training your dog for an immediate recall is really a must. Commanding your dog by the sound of your voice is the best preventive measure you can learn.



Unlike cats, dogs in general love water. However, this does not mean that they are 100% safe near rivers, lakes, and swimming pools. If a river current is too strong it will pull away the dog no matter how good swimmers they are. In fact, strong river currents can even drown grown men, so best stay away from powerful rivers. The same goes for the sea, as deep water is always unpredictable so you should stay in shallow water with your dog. Playing throw and catch in knee-deep water is OK but swimming out to the sea might not be the smartest idea.



If you apply these five simple measures, your dog will be much safer, even outside of your back garden. Running away from home will no longer be an issue because you will be able to easily track your pet down.

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