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Discover 5 Amazing Montreal Sights

If you happen to find yourself in Canada’s mesmerizing second biggest city of Montreal, be prepared for a long walking tour. Don’t waste your time because there is so much to do and see in between admiring the stunning street architecture and feasting on some local specialties (tip: bagels are a must-have). Strolling through this lovely multicultural gem of the Quebec province will definitely leave you in awe and make you want to see more of it, so prepare your tour well in advance. We chose our favorite five sights of Montreal that you shouldn’t miss out.  

The magnificent Mont-Royal 

Once you find yourself on Montreal ground, you will often be able to see the Mont-Royal simply by raising your head. As it is one of the city’s highest points (over 200m high), it is destined to be one of the most prominent sightseeing spots. It would be a great idea to start your visit from this spot, because you will most easily see all the places you’d like to visit next, and enjoy a magnificent view of the city surrounded by a colorful palette of lush vegetation. You can get to the top by bus or car, but if you’re feeling adventurous try hiking or biking your way to the top in order to experience the nature on the way and breathe in some fresh air.

The Old City of Montreal  

There’s no better way to immerse into the history of Montreal than to visit the Old Montreal which is flourishing with buildings dating all the way back to the 17th century. This Parisian-styled city district will make you wonder if you were sent back in time and moved to some mysterious Far-Eastern place, while a glance of the near business hubs will bring you back to the present moment. When you visit the Old Montreal, you shouldn’t miss out on the Pointe-à-Callière museum of archaeology and history, as well as Montreal’s very own Notre-Dame Basilica. Remember to close your eyes for a minute and imagine the sound of carriages rushing through these timeless buildings to get the best experience.  

Traditional Montreal markets 

For those of you interested in full cultural immersion, markets are the best place to interact with the locals. Plus, these lively parts of the city are filled with the most picturesque sights of colorful fruit lined up in perfect symmetry that your camera will adore. The markets are especially flowing with locals during summer, since this is the time when almost everything is in season. It would be a terrible mistake not to try the famous Quebec-made strawberries, because you will surely find they are nothing like the ones you’ve ever tasted. In order to see the best markets, you can book a market tour and spend a whole day shopping and enjoying Montreal foodie delights. 

The Lachine Canal bike wonderland

Canadians love riding bikes. If you want to learn why they do, try taking a bike tour next to the Lachine Canal. It doesn’t matter whether you have your bike with you or not because you can rent it at Mia Bicyclette for as long as you like, and they provide you with safety equipment and a map, too. This place is also known for the extremely friendly locals who will repair your bike, offer you snacks and help you find your way around with the most generous smile to top it all off. Keep in mind that a great way to explore Canada and Alaska is to have a guide, which is why guided bike tours are also on offer. Don’t forget that there are other wondrous sights you can also explore by cruising through the many natural beauties of Canada. 

Breathtaking botanical gardens

You can finish off your sightseeing day by losing yourself in the astonishing greenery of the lush oasis that Montreal’s botanical gardens have to offer. These breathtakingly gorgeous sights are best to experience during the winter in order to instantly transport yourself to the mysterious jungles of South America or the lively Japanese forests. The must-see part of this botanic tour should include a special notice of the exhibit on plants grown by the First Nations people. 


Without further ado, start making your visit plan and enjoy all the many wonders of Montreal. It doesn’t take much effort to do so, since the city spreads joy on its own, which is what you will most certainly remember it for. 

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